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10 Best Lionel Messi Memes on the Internet

Leo Messi is arguably the most popular footballer on the planet. As is the case with everything mainstream and popular, Messi too has been the subject of numerous internet Memes. Some troll the legendary attacker while others show respect in a humorous manner. Here are some of the funniest 10 best lionel messi memes that the internet has churned out.

1- This one is about the time Messi won the coveted award but lost out when it came to dressing properly. His suit was the subject of much ridicule and this meme perfectly sums up the situation.

Best Lionel Messi Memes - 1

2- Cashing in on the rivalry, a clever internet meme-maker added this hilarious caption to a picture of the two best players in the world. The joke is often told and repeated, but it still sounds really funny.

Best Lionel Messi Memes - 2

3- This meme is a very clever attempt at satire. For years, Messi has dominated, much like almost anything else, the cover of the popular football game ‘FIFA’ by EA Sports. Since he has been the face of the game for so many years, the meme suggests that he will still be hear in 2070, albeit a bit aged and with a fair amount of wrinkles.

Best Lionel Messi Memes - 3

4- Remember the time when Leo was unable to score against Petr Cech? It seemed as if the Argentinian had finally met a keeper whom he couldn’t beat. Despite repeated attempts, Cech still got the better of Messi time and time again. This meme honors that particular streak, implying that Messi just isn’t good enough to beat Cech in real life.

Best Memes about Messi - 4

5- Another classic meme that points towards the differences between Messi and Ronaldo. For a long time, Messi has been considered an original footballer while Ronaldo’s critics consider the Portuguese to be too superficial. It is true that Ronaldo takes great care of his appearance; he has a toned body, a magnificent tan and all the sleek haircuts. Messi, on the other hand, is more of a simpleton. This meme draws parallel comparisons.

Best Memes of Lionel Messi - 5

6- Okay, so this one might be a little too PG-18 for the more innocent of our fans. It is often said that Messi will be nothing without Xavi, Iniesta and the rest of the supporting cast. In this meme, it is being implied that footballing performance is not the only area where Messi requires assistance.

Best Memes of Messi - 6

7- Ouch! This is going to hurt Leo’s fans. Although presented in good humor, the topic is too sensitive. Messi is facing criminal charges for tax fraud and there is a chance he might have to serve jail time. Naturally, this is a grave situation for many of his die-hard fans and not something to be joked about.

Best funny Memes of Messi - 7

8- A case of mistaken identities? Perhaps. This intelligent meme has pasted Leo’s face over the North Korean dictator’s skull and the results are absolutely hilarious.

Best funny Memes of Leo Messi - 8

9- This meme pretty much sums up everything us Messi fans believe in. Leo maybe heavily criticized but one has to accept that he is one of the most genuine players out there and most of the times, he is criticized on quite mundane things.

Lionel Messi Best Memes - 9

10- Finally, a meme that promotes harmony and peace between the two groups of fans. The truth is, both players are legends and all football fans should feel glad they were born in a time when they could witness the greatness of these two on the same pitch at the same time. Here is to more records and more glorious battles!

Messi Best Funny Memes - 10


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