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10 Reasons why People Hate Lionel Messi

Leo Messi is arguably the best footballer of all time. He is an absolute phenomenon whose influence is truly global. While his talent has helped him in winning fans all over the globe, there are many who are not exactly impressed by the success of the all-conquering Argentinian. What exactly is it that they hate about him, nobody knows. However, we tried to get some perspective on why someone might hate Messi. Here are 10 reasons why people hate Lionel Messi.

His Style of Play

Messi makes it all look so effortless. There is no one that could match the calm composure of Leo when he takes on defenders and beats them. He scores the most difficult of goals most effortlessly. These goals are a treat to the eyes. Not only Barcelona fans but neutral fans are also impressed.

Leo Mess's style of Play - Messi Celebrating after scoring a Goal

His Family

Unlike other footballers of his generation who are out partying, Messi is a true family man. He has been involved with the same lady all his life. Today he is married to her with two beautiful boys. It is the kind of family that would make anyone envious. Messi may have scores of adoring females but he has remained faithful. It is clear that this is one happy family, and that must hurt the haters.

Lionel Messi Family

His Cars

When you are the best player in the world, driving the fastest cars is no big deal. Leo owns Audis and Bentleys, and is not afraid to flaunt them either. Of course, this would make all those haters envious who themselves drive cheap cars.

His Paycheck

Leo is not only a great player, he is also a rich player. His performance has classified him as a valuable commodity. Barcelona value him at an astronomical price of a billion euros. With millions in salaries and endorsement deals, Leo earns more in a minute than his haters earn in an entire year.

His Haircuts

Many of the detractors make fun of his hair. They pull up his old pictures when he had long hair and make memes out of them. They also laugh at his latest hair-color. However, it is curious to note that Leo has nothing to say in return. All he has to is smile while he continues to earn millions. His haters may make fun of hair, but Leo makes fun of their bank accounts in return.

Lionel Messi Haircut

His Dressing

When the haters had nothing left to say, they made fun of his clothes. Perhaps the way he dressed during one of the awards was funny. Yes, his polka dot dress was horrendous as well. However, Messi is a footballer and not a rock star. The way he dresses should not be anyone’s concern. Nevertheless, they criticize him for his suits because they really have nothing else to say.

His Tax Fraud Saga

Many who hate Leo for the tax scandal really just latch on it as an excuse. Yes, dodging tax is a crime. However, that doesn’t mean he is not a great player. Leo may be accused of a lot of things, but his footballing ability cannot be questioned. Tagging tax fraud allegations with his skill is just stupid.

His Association with Barca

Messi has been a Barca product. Ever since he rose up through the academy, he has been a 100% loyal. Many who hate him today do so only because he plays for Barca.

His Superiority Over Ronaldo

Many dislike him simply because he is better than Ronaldo. There has been a long standing rivalry between the fans of these two players. Each set of fans tries to promote their own player. Ronaldo fans have disliked because Messi has dominated not just with Barcelona but also on an individual level. He has more Balon D’or awards than Ronaldo. His team Barcelona has thumped Ronaldo’s Real Madrid often. All of this led to resentment in the hearts of Ronaldo fans.

His Excellence:

The fact that he completely dominates at all stages is something unfathomable. People just can’t digest the fact that he always wins. Not only that, but he also makes it look easy. Messi’s greatness is what earns him numerous haters.

10 Reasons Why People Hate Lionel Messi
  1. His Style of Play
  2. His Family
  3. His Cars
  4. His Paycheck
  5. His Haircuts
  6. His Dressing
  7. His Tax Fraud Saga
  8. His Association with Barca
  9. His Superiority Over Ronaldo
  10. His Excellence

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