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14 Best Moments of Messi Argentina Career

As Lionel Messi has announced his retirement from National team, a look at his complete career with nation team would give a glimpse of his time. Leo has faced a lot of heartbreaks and his time hasn’t been easy. But there are still some moments that could be used to have a moment of joy by remembering it. We have made a compilation of 14 best moments of Messi Argentina career.

1. FIFA World Youth Championship (2005):

Lionel Messi was a key player of Argentina’s youth team. The team won the World cup in 2005 and Messi won the golden boot by scoring 6 goals. Have a look at all of his goals.


2. Senior Debut:

Lionel Messi made his senior team debut against Hungary in 2005. He was sent off after 2 minutes of his substitution. He resisted against a Hungary defender who pulled his shirt and he struck the player with his arm.

3. First Goal:

Lionel Messi scored his first goal against Croatia. The game was an international friendly in 2006.


4. World Cup (2006):

In 2006 World Cup, Lionel Messi was the youngest goal scorer of the tournament and the youngest player for Argentina in World Cup. Messi gave 1 assist and scored a goal in the match against Serbia.

5. Copa America (2007):

Lionel Messi gave quality performances in Copa America 2007. But his team was unable to win and lost to Brazil in the final. Messi was awarded the best young player of the competition.

Best Moments of Lionel Messi-14

6. Olympic Gold Medal (2008):

Messi gave match winning performances in 2008 Summer Olympics and won the gold medal for his national team. Have a look at his overall performance:

7. World Cup 2010:

Argentina seemed favorites for the World Cup in 2010 with Diego Maradona as their coach and Lionel Messi as their number 10. Germans knocked out Argentina in the quarter-finals with a scoreline 4-0. Messi and Maradona were left in tears.

Best Moments of Lionel Messi-7

8. First Hat-trick:

Messi scored his first hat-trick for Argentina in 2012 when he scored 3 times against Switzerland.

9. Performance against Brazil:

One of the most memorable performances of Messi was when he scored a hat-trick against Brazil. Argentina won 4-3.


10. World Cup (2014):

Argentina was a finalist in 2014 but lost due to a late goal by Mario Gotze for Germany. He was so near to his goal yet couldn’t achieve it and was left in tears.

Best Moments of Lionel Messi-10

11. Copa America (2015):

Argentina once again advanced to Copa America final in 2015 but lost after Higuain missed a penalty in penalty shootouts. Messi was left once again crying as he couldn’t win a trophy for his country.

Best Moments of Lionel Messi-11

12. All-time Top Scorer for Argentina:

Leo scored his 55th goal for Argentina against Copa America fixture against the USA. He broke the record of Argentina’s all-time top scorer.


13. Copa America (2016):

After losing the final of Copa America last year, Messi and co advanced to the final again in 2016. But were again lost on penalties. Argentine’s were again left with nothing but tears.

Best Moments of Lionel Messi-13

14. Messi Retirement:

The final of 2016 Copa America was played against Chile and the game went to penalty shootouts. Messi himself missed a penalty this time and was so disappointed by losing 3 consecutive finals that he called his day and announced his retirement from the national team. This is how the King announced his retirement:



14 Best Moments of Messi Argentina Career

1. FIFA World Youth Championship (2005):

2. Senior Debut

3. First goal

4. World Cup (2006)

5. Copa America (2007)

6. Olympic gold medal (2008)

7. World Cup 2010

8. First Hat-trick

9. Performance against Brazil

10. World Cup (2014)

11. Copa America (2015)

12. All-time top scorer for Argentina

13. Copa America (2016)

14. Messi Retirement

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