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5 Possible Destinations for Lionel Messi if He Leaves Barcelona

Leo Messi has always been at the center of speculation regarding his possible departure from Barca. A number of publications and journalists have, in the past, made bold claims of the Argentinian prodigy leaving Spain for some other club. Although no such rumors have materialized yet, fans do like to speculate about the possible future of their favorite footballer. Let us take a look at 5 possible destinations for Lionel Messi if he could march off to in case he feels like leaving Barcelona.

1. Manchester United:

The red devils have, for a very long time, kept an eye on the magical maestro and although they are not keen to make their interest public, they have always maintained a dignified respect for Messi. One of the reasons why United have not been very keen to pursue their interest could be the fact that Messi is simply priced way too high. Estimates range anywhere from 300 million euros to a staggering half a billion euros. Added to that, the sky high salary that a superstar like Messi expects would simply be too much for the English club that has been known for its modest means despite being one of the biggest clubs in the world.

5 Possible destinations for Messi - Manchester United

2. Manchester City:

While the two clubs share the same city, there is nothing else similar between Manchester City and Manchester United. The blue part of Manchester has only recently begun to be seen as genuine threat in English football, thanks to the huge amounts of money being pumped into the club by its Arab owners. With all that oil money comes the desire to make outrageous signings. Messi is one such desire. Almost every summer, rumors start galloping around about Messi’s possible move to the nouveau riche club. But it could be an actual thing now that Messi’s former manager Pep Guardiola is taking charge the club. Anything is possible!

5 Possible destinations for Messi - Manchester City

3. PSG:

Another rich club that is looking to get a star-studded squad so as to ensure quick success both at home and abroad. The move to PSG will actually suit Messi if he decides to do it in the twilight of his career. Not only will the money be great, but also the French league is much slower in game play. There will be lesser pressure as compared to the Spanish league and that would be highly suitable for an aging player.

5 Possible destinations for Messi - Paris Saint Germain (PSG)

4. Chelsea:

The London club are known for spending extravagantly and the Russian owner Roman Abramovich has been known to be a fan of the magical Argentinian. The move will suit Messi as he will have the independence to play either as a frontman or on the wings since both those positions are unfilled currently. Messi will also have support in the form of one of the strongest midfields.

5 Possible destinations for Messi - Chelsea

5. Argentina:

Like many former South American legends, Messi could also opt to head back home to play for his childhood club. Although this may seem unlikely now, it could be a real possibility a few years down the road when Messi begins to tire and retirement appears on the horizon.

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