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5 Shocking Lionel Messi Transfer Rumors

Transfer markets are often the birth-place for the most outrageous rumor mills in the football world. Every January and from June to august, the football fans all over the world are subjected to a constant barrage of rumors; some real and some without an iota of truth. While no player is protected from the merciless rumor mills, there are some players which are invariably the favorites for gossip-mongers. Leo Messi is one such player, and not without reason. Considered by many as the best player in the world, the Barcelona star has had his fair share of unbelievable transfer rumors. Let us take a look at some of the most shocking Lionel Messi Transfer Rumors.

5 Shocking Lionel Messi Transfer Rumors

1. Real Madrid:

The devastating news was broken by one of the more credible sources, goal.com. Football fans around the world couldn’t believe what was being reported as the deal of the century. The Madrid club had reportedly agreed to pay half a billion euros to obtain services of Leo Messi. The rumor however was soon squashed, and by none other than the website itself, which said that the report was part of an April fools’ spoof.

Real Madrid

2. Manchester United:

Earlier this year, some Spanish publications started to rumble with the rumors of Messi’s possible departure to Old Trafford. Not just this, but that the transfer was a part of a greater scheme to bring back the old Manchester United by convincing Pep Guardiola to take over the reign of the club from the departing Louis Van Gaal. The transfer naturally died out on its own. No sane mind would have believed the rumor any way, given United’s financial condition.

Manchester United

3. Chelsea:

Almost every transfer window, Chelsea’s name is attached with the Argentinian captain. While there have been solid reports of a slight interest in the player among the London club’s board, there is no substantial evidence of Chelsea having ever launched a formal inquiry into the player. Such rumors are, of course, natural since the Blues are known to have the fiscal capability as well as an owner who is never shy of signing the biggest names in world football.


4. PSG:

A few years ago, when the French club was still coming to terms with the fact that it was now backed by some of the richest men in the world, rumors were going all around that Messi would sign with the club because an offer so good has been made to Barcelona that it is almost impossible to decline. In those days of uncertainty and given Barca’s financial troubles, the news was quite believable and many of the naïve ones held their breath as they prepared to watch one of the most memorable transfers ever. Fortunately, the transfer never took place. However, PSG did admit of their interest in Messi.


5. Manchester City:

Similar to the situation with PSG, the blues from Manchester have also reportedly followed Messi with keen interest. They have even reportedly tabled numerous offers as well, although this is still unconfirmed. Rumors of a buying spree surface almost every year, and no matter how far from the truth they may be, they often make our heartbeats go faster.

Manchester City

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