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5 Times Lionel Messi Saved The Day for His Team

Having a player like Leo Messi in your team naturally means that you always have the chance to win the game, no matter what the odds or the score-line. Barca and Argentina are both blessed to have this prodigal genius, but all this greatness has not come easily. Leo has had to prove his mettle’s worth and he has indeed done so over the course of his career. This is what has earned him the confidence of millions of fans all over the world. Top 10 Match wining goals of Leo can be seen in video. We have selected 5 most enjoyable and unforgettable times when Lionel Messi saved the day for his team.

1. Brazil vs. Argentina 6/9/2012:

Leo Messi was absolutely terrific during this game, so much for the critics who just can’t stop talking about how Leo fails to perform at the international level. Not only did Leo contribute a wonderful hat trick, but that he also scored the match-winner in a crucial time. With just seven minutes to go, Leo dribbled right on to the Brazilian defense and took a shot which found itself behind the net.

2. Barcelona vs. Athletico 2/26/2012:

The crucial match was being played with heavy stakes involved. it was seemed that match would en up with a draw because scores were all level but Messi was having some other plans. Leo earned a free-kick. Nobody would have thought that the slight-framed Messi would dare take a shot from such a distance, let alone score; Leo did both. It was a marvelous free kick and left almost everyone stunned.

3. Argentina vs. Iran:

It has been a frustrating game for the South Americans as the Asian weaklings had defended well and kept the Argentinian attacks at bay. The game looked as if it was heading towards a draw. But once again, it was the maestro to the rescue. Working his magic as defenders watched, Leo scored a beautiful goal from outside the box and led his team to victory.

4. Barcelona vs. Real Madrid:

The stakes could not have been higher as two of the biggest and most bitter rivals in football history went head to head in their annual derby. The match was going well and was appearing to get stuck on a deadlock, until Messi strikes in 87th minute. Messi’s magic was not in the form of a beautiful dribble or a mesmerizing free kick. But it was rather his ability to see the gap, make a run and ensuring that he was at the right place at the right time to receive the ball and volley it into the goal.

5. Argentina vs. Brazil 11/17/2010:

Although just a friendly, but it was clear from the level of efforts of both the teams that both were eager to assert their dominance. Both teams show a certain degree of caution. That is why there was a deadlock until the 90th minute. At this stage Leo Messi take on 4 Brazilian defenders and still manage to find the net.

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