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Do Leo Messi Stands a Chance in Ballon dOr Race 2016?

Ricardo Kaka is the last footballer who managed to win Ballon d’Or against Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in 2007. Since 2008, both the phenomenons have continued their dominance and didn’t let any other player win the golden ball. In 2015, Leo Messi won his 5th Ballon d’Or, while Cristiano has a total of 3 in his entire career. 2016 has been a year of surprises where new stars like Luis Suarez and Griezmann, have risen. Till now Ballon dOr Race 2016 has been an intense one between the top 4 La Liga players. The question is do Leo Messi stands a chance in Ballon dOr race 2016?

The top 4 Ballon d’Or contenders Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, Antonio Griezmann and Cristiano Ronaldo are all La Liga stars. Each one of them had been sensational throughout the first half of the year and dominated the football world. All of them has some edge to be the winner.

Luis Suarez:

In a league of Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, Luis Suarez ended up winning the Pichichi and European golden shoe. He has been a perfect number 9 for Barcelona and ended the 2015/16 season with the highest number of goals. Being a poacher, he provided almost the same number of assists as Leo Messi in La Liga. He picked up an injury in the Copa Del Rey final and hence couldn’t make a single appearance in Copa America. He won a total of 3 trophies in 2016 which include La Liga, Copa Del Rey, and Spanish Super Cup. He will probably make it into the final 3.

Luis Suarez in the Race of Ballon d'Or 2016

Antonio Griezmann: 

The French and Atletico Madrid number 7 Antonio Griezmann has played to his full potential this year. He was the 4th highest goal scorer in La Liga and was Atletico’s main man. Griezmann has been crucial in terms of making the difference and being there when his team needs him the most. He knocked out heavyweights like. Barcelona and Bayern Munich in the Champions League and went on to the final. But unfortunately, Atletico Madrid lost to Real Madrid on penalties. But the Frenchman remained crucial.

The Euro cup 2016 was the next platform where he showcased his goal scoring abilities. He was the top scorer of the competition with 6 goals and knocked out big teams, like Germany, from the competition. Again he lost the final due to a late goal scored by Portugal. He was also among the 3 finalists of Europe’s best player of the season but was runner-up behind Cristiano Ronaldo. He is surely a one who has high chances of being in the final 3.

Antonio Griezmann

Cristiano Ronaldo:

The Real Madrid man Cristiano Ronaldo ended up as the second highest scorer in La Liga. He has the highest chances of winning the Golden ball as his trophy collection this year contains Europe’s most valuable ones. He won the Champions League trophy with Real Madrid and the Euro Cup with Portugal. He was also named as the best player of the season in Europe. Despite everything he won this year, he doesn’t truly deserve to win the best player award. What justifies this point is that he wasn’t the key player for his teams except for few occasions. He wasn’t always there to make the difference for his team. It was majorly his team-mates efforts that won his teams these titles, and he enjoyed all the attention and credit. But eventually, he is in a very strong position to win his 4th Ballon d’Or in 2016.

Cristiano Ronaldo After Wining Euro Cup 2016

Lionel Messi:

The Barcelona and Argentine star man Lionel Messi enjoyed a decent season overall. He dominated domestically by winning Copa Del Rey, La Liga, and Spanish Super Cup and was Barcelona’s main playmaker. He also has significant goal tally and was the 3rd highest goal scorer in La Liga. His performance in Copa America was mesmerizing but eventually lost the final on penalties against Chile. He ended up being the top assist provider and 2nd highest goal scorer of the tournament. He also has the highest goal+assist tally in the year 2016. Although he hasn’t been the top scorer in the league, nor he won the Copa America, but he had been there for his team most of the time to make the difference. The domestic success of Barcelona lays a significant amount of credit to the Argentine and he has all chances of winning this year’s Ballon d’Or.

Lionel Messi in the Race of Ballon d'Or 2016

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