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Barcelona Drew at Anoeta and The Curse Continues

Real Sociedad vs Barcelona ended as a disappointment for the Catalans as Barcelona drew and Anoeta curse continues.

Real Sociedad vs Barcelona-Match Report

On Saturday, Real Madrid won and took 3 points home to widen the gap with Barcelona on 2nd position. It was a chance for Barcelona to again decrease the margin to 4 points. But they couldn’t quite manage it. Luis Enrique’s Barcelona started with the same line-up as the game against Celtic. It was Andre Gomez who started at the position of injured Andres Iniesta.

Since the start of the game, the San Sebastian side was complete in charge of the game. They had the possession, they had the control, they had more shots on goals. Barcelona was completely clueless during the first half. The first half ended up 0-0 due to sheer luck. The midfield was completely distraught and the supply to Messi, Suarez, and Neymar was completely cut off by the pressing play of Real Sociedad players.

Real Sociedad vs Barcelona-Anoeta curse continues-Barcelona drew

The second started with a goal for the home side in the 50th minute. Carlos Velas shot into the goal. Ter Stegen denied it but Prieto scored on the rebound. Lionel Messi equalized for his side just a few minutes later. Overall, it was a shaggy game from Barcelona. And this type of play could lead to a season with zero trophies.

Barcelona Drew as Anoeta Curse Continues

The last time Barcelona got the better of Real Sociedad at the Anoeta stadium was when Frank Rijkaard was Barcelona’s coach, and Messi was yet to win his first Ballon d’Or. Since then, Sociedad has either defeated Barcelona or drawn the game. But never let Barcelona take away 3 points from their own ground. The Anoeta curse continued and Barcelona still only managed a draw. This is a point where Barcelona need to make some changes. Real Madrid is now 6 points ahead. The Clasico next weekend is the best chance to lower this difference. But this form will only earn them a humiliation at the Camp Nou.


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