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Breaking News About Lionel Messi Injury

While playing the Copa America Centenario warm-up fixture against Honduras, Messi received a knock on his back and was then subbed off. At the time, the Argentina Football Federation didn’t have any answer and were waiting for the Medical tests to finish. But after the examination, and the breaking  news about Lionel Messi injury is that he is recovering little by little and would be 100% fit within 15 days. This is a good news for Argentina Football Federation as he would be able to play in the upcoming Copa America tournament.

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Alongside this moment of relief, there are problems arising for Messi. Messi and his father Jorge Horacio Messi had court trial on the coming Tuesday dated 30th May2016. They had to appear in front of the court for tax fraud allegations. Earlier this year, the date of the trial was to be altered from the current date to later in June due to Copa America. But this seemed Messi to miss the opening game against the former Copa America champions Chile. Analyzing the situation, the date was decided to be 30th May 2016.

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After Messi suffered the injury with his national team, there seemed a chance that the trial will be delayed and Messi could find a chance to escape. But the recent report from AFA medical staff declares that Messi is recovering and would be able to travel to Spain for the trial. Daniel Martinez, a member of AFA medical staff, stated that “Messi is better with less pain than last night”. The doctor’s report said that: “Serious contusion to the soft parts of the lower left-hand rib cage and to the lumbar paravertebral block”. Despite all this, Leo will travel to Rosario on Sunday and will stay under the observation of doctors. After that, he will be traveling to Barcelona to appear in front of the Catalonia High Court.

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Leo Messi and his father Jorge Messi have the charge of tax fraud and have been for allegedly failing to declare 4.16 m euros in taxes related to his image rights between 2007 and 2009 through front companies in Belize and Uruguay. Both the accused ones gave a statement in which they denied all further claims of tax evasion as Leo was one of the highlighting names in the recent Panama leaks scandal. In the trial, Messi will be giving a deposition in the tax-fraud case with testimony by witnesses which will continue on Wednesday with the statements of other witnesses and investigators, and finally till Thursday when the accused will be defending himself.

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Spanish prosecutors are keen to get Messi’s father sentenced to 22 months of jail for evading 4.1 million euros ($4.6 million) in taxes. But as it is common in Spain, that such sentences are likely to suspend for the first offense carrying a sentence less than 2 years. Moreover, the prosecutors have requested to withdraw all charge against Leo himself as he was unaware of all the frauds.

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