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Top 5 Brutal Fouls on Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi, due to his tricky game play, receives lots of fouls and is very frequently brought down. It seems it is the only way to stop the greatest of all time. There had been times that even after receiving a foul, Leo continued his dribbling and move. He also sometimes humiliates other players with his skills, and in reaction, receives brutal fouls. Lets have a look at the top 5 brutal fouls on Lionel Messi.

5. Filipe Luis:

During a game between Atletico Madrid and Barcelona in 2016, Barcelona had a lead by 1 goal. Filipe Luis tackled Messi horribly. That horror foul was the kind that could end an athlete’s career. He got a straight red card.

4. Pau Lopez:

Barcelona and Espanyol played 4 times in the season 2015/16. The Catalan derby is a tensed game with lots of actions and fights. Espanyol goalkeeper Pau Lopez stepped upon Messi’s foot while both Messi and he were on the ground. Messi lost his cool but the fight was stopped.


3. Sergio Ramos:

The exciting el Clasico at Camp Nou in 2010 in which Barcelona humiliated their bitter rival with a scoreline 5-0. Sergio Ramos showed his frustration when Messi began dribbling and pulled his shirt. Messi got the advantage play and begin rolling the ball again. Ramos kicked very hard on Messi’s foot and brought him down. After this unprofessional act, Ramos also hit his Spanish team-mates Puyol and Xavi. He is an absolute disgrace to football.

2. Pepe:

During an el Clasico game in 2011/12 season, Messi was brought down by Collenjon and then Pepe stepped on Messi’s hands. This was not seen by the referee and hence wasn’t declared as a foul but it was a brutal act from Pepe-the animal.

1. Gary Medel:

Copa America final 2015 was a game between Chile and Argentina and Messi received this brutal kick in the stomach side while the other player was trying to play a volley.

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