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Celtic vs Barcelona-UEFA Champions League Top scorer Messi

Barcelona played it’s 5th game in the UEFA Champions League against Celtic last night. The game started at 7:45 UTC at Celtic Park, Scotland. Barcelona was always the favorite among the 2 teams playing for the 3 points. Tha game Celtic vs Barcelona ended 0-2 with Lionel Messi scoring both of the goals of the game. UEFA Champions League top scorer Messi is enjoying a geat season. He has a total of 9 goals in the 4 UEFA Champions League game he has played this season. The goals include 4 against Manchester City and 5 against Celtic. He missed the game against Borussia due to the injury.

Celtic vs Barcelona

The game was a decider as who is going to go through and who is going to head back home from Europe this season. But after yesterday’s win, Barcelona is enjoying the 1st position in the group C table with 12 points. On the second place is Manchester City FC with 8 points. Both the teams are through to the knockout stages. Going to Europa League from the group C is Borussia who is on the 3rd place with 5 points. Going out of the Europe is poor Celtic FC who has great fans but not such good players and tactics.

Celtic Vs Barcelona-Great chemistry between Neymar and Messi

Lionel Messi scored both the goals on the night. The first goal came in the 24th minute of the game. Neymar, with a vision of Messi and passing accuracy of Xavi, delivers a through ball to Messi. And Messi finishes it in style. On the 56th minute, Suarez was brought down in the box and Messi scored from the spot.

Celtic vs Barcelona-UEFA Champions League Top scorer Messi

UEFA Champions League Top scorer Messi

Last season, Cristiano Ronaldo took the lead as the all-time top scorer of the UEFA Champions League. This season, Messi is catching up with him again. Cristiano Ronaldo is one the top with 95 goals. While Messi is close behind with 92 goals. And his form is indicating that he will take over his rival very soon. So this is going to be a great battle to watch between the 2 phenomena of this era.


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