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List of Cristiano Ronaldo Girlfriend since 2002 – Soccerslide

Cristiano Ronaldo has always been a ladies man. Why won’t he be? He has a body and looks that every woman dies for. Since he entered the stardom, the list of the women he dated or spent a night with are uncountable. But we have covered the most popular women he was involved or rumored to be involved with. So here is a list of all Cristiano Ronaldo girlfriend hookups since 2002-2016.

Cristiano Ronaldo Girlfriend Hookups since 2002-2016

1. Karina Ferro-2002

Karina Ferro is a Portuguese model who is in a long-term relationship with the famous singer Angelico Viera. In 2002, she was reported to be dating Cristiano Ronaldo. She was the first ever girlfriend of the soccer star reported in media.

Cristiano Ronaldo girlfriends

2. Jordana Jardel-2003

The Brazilian model Jordana Jardel was Cristiano’s first celebrity girlfriend. During his time at Sporting CP, Cristiano met Jordana through her brother Mario Jardel and one of his team-mates.

Cristiano Ronaldo girlfriend 2005

3. Merche Romero-2005

The next Portuguese girlfriend of the Real Madrid star was Merche Romero. She appears in the 3rd spot of our list of all Cristiano Ronaldo girlfriend hookups since 2002-2016. Merche is a model and TV show host. The couple was pictured together on various holidays and events. It was rumored that they dated between 2005 and 2006 but never confessed the relationship on media.

Merche Romero

4. Soraia Chaves-2006

The Portuguese model and actor Soraia Chaves dated Cristiano Ronaldo in 2006. The affair was a short one and the couple broke up very soon after hanging out for some time.

Soraia Chaves

5. Mia Judaken-2006

Mia Judaken is a hot Portuguese model. She was a very close friend Cristiano Ronaldo and his family. There were rumors that she dated Cristiano Ronaldo in march of 2006.

Mia Judaken

6. Gemma Storey-2007

Gemma Storey is a porn star and a prostitute. She didn’t actually dated Cristiano, but there is a very interesting story which Gemma sold to some media outlet. Nani, Anderson, and Cristiano called up 4 hookers to celebrate Manchester United’s win over Tottenham. She told that the 3 stars were extremely disrespectful towards them and humiliated them during the encounter.

7. Gemma Antikson-2007

Another beauty in the list is English supermodel and actress Gemma Antikson. Gemma dated Cristiano during his time in England in 2007. It was the same time period when Cristiano and his team-mates celebrated with those 5 hookers including Gemma Storey.

Gemma Antikson

8. Luciana Abreu-2007

On the 8th spot of our list of Cristiano Ronaldo girlfriend hookups since 2002-2016 is Luciana Abreu. Luciana is 31 years old TV star. She is currently married to Portuguese football player Yannick Djalo but has hooked up with his team-mate Cristiano Ronaldo as well in 2007.

luciana abreu

9. Tyese Cunningham-2007

Just like Gemma Storey, Tyese is also a porn star and a prostitute. She was also present during Cristiano Ronaldo’s celebration, the story narrated by Gemma, and was one of the five hookers.

Tyese Cunningham

10. Bipasha Basu

The famous Indian actress and glamor model Bipasha Basu has also been involved with the Portuguese soccer star. It was sort of a night stand or a short term relationship between the couple.

Bipasha Basu

11. Nereida Gallardo-2008

This beautiful woman Nereida Gallardo dated Cristiano Ronaldo in 2008. But the couple eventually broke up very soon. Since then, Nereida insults Cristiano Ronaldo over media whenever she gets a chance to speak about him. During a talk show, she called Cristiano a coward and claimed that he ended the relationship through a text message.

Nereida Gallardo

12. Paris Hilton-2009

Paris Hilton is a 35 years old American actress and model. She was spotted with Cristiano Ronaldo in a nightclub in Madrid. And after a couple of hours, Cristiano was pictured leaving the hot model’s house. The couple never gave any official statement regarding their relationship.

Paris Hilton

12. Kim Kardashian-2010

In 2010, Cristiano and Kim were spotted leaving a restaurant Spain. But there was no official news regarding the relations.

Kim Kardashian

13. Imogen Thomas-2010

Imogen Thomas is a Welsh glamor model and former Miss Wales. In 2010, she had a brief relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo. She has 2 children with her current boyfriend.

Imogen Thomas

14. Andressa Urach-2013

Cristiano Ronaldo might love Brazilian women and here is another one in the list of Cristiano Ronaldo girlfriend hookups since 2002-2016. Cristiano Ronaldo had a one night stand with her.Andressa Urach

15. Irina Shayk

The Russian bombshell Irina Shayk was in an open relationship with Cristiano. The couple looked perfect with each other and dated for 5 years. But ultimately they broke up in 2015.

Irina Shayk

16. Lucia Villalon-2015

Lucia Villalon is a Spanish journalist. In 2015, there were rumors that Lucia is in a relationship with Cristiano and couple was happy together. But no further news came in the media regarding the couple.

Lucia Villalon

17. Paula Suarez-2016

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrated La Undecima in Ibiza. Some leaked pictures showed him hooking up with the model Paula Suarez in a yacht.

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