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Cristiano Ronaldo has Received a Huge Offer From China

Chinese football clubs are buying footballing stars from around the world for crazy money. The players like Graziano Pele and Hulk have moved to China and are earning dream wages. The latest to move to China are Oscar and Carlos Tevez. 4th highest paid footballer player in the world is Oscar. Whereas, the Argentine striker Carlos Tevez is on the first spot beating Messi and Ronaldo. Just after Carlos Tevez signed the contract, Cristiano Ronaldo rejected Chinese club offer. Well, the offer arriving is not a surprise. The shocking part of the story is the amount Cristiano Ronaldo rejected.

Manchester United paid a record-breaking for Paul Pogba in the summer of 2016. Juventus received £89 million in the return of their star man. It was a controversial transfer and people around the world criticized the amount paid. An unknown Chinese club came up with a greater for Cristiano Ronaldo as if the Paul Pogba fees wasn’t enough disaster for the football world.

Cristiano Ronaldo Rejected Chinese Club Offer

Cristiano Ronaldo Rejected Chinese Club Offer

Cristiano Ronaldo’s agent Jorge Mendes has revealed that he received an offer for the player from China. The interested club offered €300 million as a buyout fees for the forward. Moreover, a salary of €100 million per year for the Portuguese forward himself. Yes, this is the exact amount of money a Chinese club is willing to offer to sign him. Cristiano Ronaldo has rejected this big money move. He already earns almost €90 million per year through his club and endorsements. This move could have doubled his income. But according to his agent, Real Madrid is his life, and money is not everything. A sigh of relief for Real Madrid fans that their talisman will be staying at Los Blancos.

Cristiano’s team-mate Pepe is running out of contract this January. Speculations have shown that a number of Chinese clubs are interested in signing the veteran defender.

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