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Favorite Victims of Lionel Messi skills – Soccerslide

Lionel Messi is a talent that comes once in a lifetime. He is carrying Barcelona’s attack on his back since Ronaldinho left the club. During this time, he has achieved some legendary milestones. He has won the treble a record 2 times, is currently the top scorer in La Liga, and much more. Since the arrival of Luis Suarez at Barcelona, Messi has evolved mainly as a playmaker. He stepped down from the role of a goal scorer and is playing as a midfielder. Since Xavi left, Leo is currently filling his boots since the club hasn’t found any replacement. But during his time as a false 9, Leo has destroyed a lot of teams by his goal scoring feet. Following are the major victims of Lionel Messi skills whom Leo destroyed on various occasions.

Favorite Victims of Lionel Messi skills

5. Bayer Leverkusen:

Bayer Leverkusen is a team which gets to play against Barcelona frequently in Champions League. Lionel Messi has been lethal against the German side scoring 7 goals. Although the tally isn’t very high but one match caused Leverkusen to make up the list. In 2011/12 season a game between Barcelona and Bayer Leverkusen was played in knockout stages. The game was a historic and memorable one. Lionel Messi scored 5 goals in that match which is a record. No other footballer ever has scored 5 goals in a single match in a Champions League match.

Here is Messi creating the record:

4. Arsenal:

The English club is one of the victims that saw Messi’s lethal skills in Champions League games. Messi’s first goal against Arsenal came in 2010 when Messi scored 4 goals in a single match at Camp Nou. The following season, Barca and Arsenal came head to head against in quarter-final stage. Messi broke his duck against Peter Cech scoring 2 goals against Arsenal at Emirates. He also scored a chip goal in the home leg in Spain. He has a total 9 goals against this particular club.

3. Atletico Madrid:

Atletico Madrid is one of the best clubs in Spain. Since Messi plays in the same league, Atletico has been victimized by Messi many times. He has found the net a total of 25 times against Atletico.

2. Sevilla:

Another Spanish heavyweight Sevilla, who won Europa League for 3 consecutive times, is also on the list. Games against Sevilla have always been difficult ones and Messi had been able to make the difference majority of the times. He has scored a total of 26 goals against Sevilla. And hence this team is in the second position of the list.

1. Real Madrid:

Barcelona’s and Leo’s rival Cristiano’s club Real Madrid has a nightmare named Lionel Messi. Lionel Messi is a player who has destroyed Real Madrid the most. Even though Leo has scored most against other club but this deserved to be in the first position. This is because Real Madrid is one of the greatest clubs in the history. And so scoring 21 goals against such a team is a bigger achievement than scoring 25 goals against any other. Lionel is currently the top scorer and top assist provider in the El Clasico history. Nobody has ever scored more goals against Real Madrid than the Argentine. Moreover, he is the only player to score 2 hat-tricks in Clasico records.

Grab popcorns and enjoy watching the best player destroy the 11 times champions league winners.

List of Favorite Victims of Lionel Messi skills

5. Bayer Leverkusen

4. Arsenal

3. Atletico Madrid

2. Sevilla

1. Real Madrid

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