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Fernandinho Insults Lionel Messi in The Tunnel After The Loss

Fernandinho insults Lionel Messi in the tunnel after Barcelona lost the game at Eitihad. The incident took place after Manchester City won against Barcelona 3-1. Lionel Messi was devastated and it was the Manchester City’s midfielder Fernandinho who passed an insulting taunt to Lionel Messi. The player didn’t reveal himself while saying those controversial words. Messi was already dis-hearted due to captaining the losing side. Those taunts made him lose his temper. Lionel Messi replied by saying “Fool! Fool! Don’t hide. Come outside and show your face”. He even entered Manchester City’s dressing room to search for the player who insulted him.

Fernandinho insults Lionel Messi

Sergio Aguero Came Forward As A Peace Maker

As the angry Lionel entered City’s dressing room, his close friend Sergio Aguero came forward. He calmed down the 5 times Ballon d’Or winner and acted as a peacemaker. While giving an interview, Sergio Aguero explained the complete situation. He told how bad Messi was feeling due to the loss.

Sergio Aguero claimed that it was nothing serious. It was just an insignificant incident that occurred due to the heat of the moment. He emphasized on how much devastated and unhappy Lionel Messi was after the loss. The 2 Argentines talked about generalized things later on. Messi didn’t discuss anything regarding the mocking incident.

Sergio Aguero calms down Lionel Messi

Fernandinho insults Lionel Messi? He Rejects The Allegation

The Brazilian Fernandinho rejected the media speculations in a statement over social media. He claimed the media reports to be absurd. He said, “Provoking and Insulting are not in my nature”. Although Fernandinho doesn’t seem to be a person who mocks opposition players. But as he was the key player to keep Barcelona’s MSN quite, the rumors might be true. He might have given such statement in order to avoid any sort of controversies.

Fernandinho brought down Lionel Messi in the box in the first half. Referee rejected the appeal and Fernandinho escaped.

Barcelona is still on the top of the group table after the loss. It was a do or die situation for Manchester City. But Barcelona is still in a peak position to qualify for the group stages.

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