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Top 15 Interesting Facts about Lionel Messi Which You don’t Know

Lionel Messi is a footballing superstar and greatest player ever in the game. His image in public is the one of a good boy. But things could be different off the pitch. The Argentine avoids too much media attention and doesn’t show much of himself publically. Here we have brought top 15 interesting facts about Lionel Messi.

1. Growth Hormone Deficiency:

Messi’s talent was obvious from a very young age when he played for small team likes Grandoli. He was fast, his dribbling was mind blowing, and scored brilliant goals. He was allowed to play little in each game so the opposite team does not get humiliated. At the age of 11, Leo was diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency. The disease stopped his growth and he was left small and weak. The treatment demanded a heavy amount of money. His family, being poor, was unable to pay that much. His father took him to Barcelona and managed a trial at the football club for his son. The club signed him and agreed to pay for his treatment. Lionel recovered and the rest his history.

Growth Hormone Deficiency - Le Messi Childhood

2. Red card at International Debut:

Lionel Messi made his senior team debut against Hungary in 2005. He was sent off after 2 minutes of his substitution. He resisted against a Hungary defender who pulled his shirt and he struck the player with his arm.

Leo Messi got Red card at International debut

3. Contract on Napkin:

When Leo came to Barcelona for trails, the club’s directors were impressed. But his father didn’t receive any straight forward answer from the club’s side. The contract was delayed until one day Messi’s father met with the Technical director Carles Rexach. Leo’s father was frustrated for waiting 2 years for any official answer. He was about to leave for any other club. Carles was an admirer of Messi and promised a contract for the boy right now. He couldn’t find any paper at the time and took out his napkin, wrote the contract on it.

Leo Messi contract on Napkin

4. His Celebration:

Despite scoring hundreds of goals in his career, Leo’s celebration remains humble. Whenever he scores a goal, he points his fingers towards the sky. This is the dedication of goal to his grandmother who was very close to him but no more alive. Moreover, it was his grandmother who introduced him to football and allowed him to play for the first time. She has a special place in Leo’s heart and so he dedicates his every goal to her.

Leo Messi Celebration after scoring a Goal

5. Could have Won the World Cup:

In 2005, Messi got Spanish passport also and was offered a contract with Spanish National team. He rejected the provide and selected his motherland Argentina to be his old flame and dedicated himself to his country. The only thing that remains unachieved in Leo’s career is a world cup trophy. He would have won it in 2010 if he wouldn’t have rejected the offer from Spain.

Messi after loosing the Worldcup final 2014

6. His Spouse:

Lionel Messi is in a long term relationship with an Argentine woman named Antonella Roccuzzo. Together they have 2 children one named Thiago and other Mateo. Messi has known his girlfriend since he was 5 and were family friends. The relation was openly declared in 2009. Antonella is an Argentine model but the couple avoids too much media attention.

Leo Messi Spouse

7. Terrible in Bed:

According to recent news, Messi has been criticized for his performance on the bed. Busty Argentine model Xoana Gonzalez claims to have sex with Messi back in 2011. She disclosed that Messi was terrible in bed, it was like having sex with a “dead body”.

Sex with Messi was like a sex with Deadbody says Xoana Gonzalez

8. Records:

Lionel Messi has the record of having the most number of records in the football world. He has achieved milestones that are impossible for a normal footballer to achieve. The best of his achievement is that he has won 5 Ballon d’Ors, 4 of them consecutively. No other player has won more than 3, and this guy has won 4 in succession. This is unreal.

Leo Messi has won 5 Ballon d'Ors

9. His Son Signed for Newell’s old boy Supporter Club:

Leo’s first son Thiago Messi was born in 2012 without having an idea how much valuable he is. Thiago’s father’s childhood club Newell’s old boy was successful in signing the infant. He was just 72 hours old when he became a part of the supporter club.

Leo Messi's son Thiago Messi signed for Newell’s old boy supporter club

10. Charity Work:

Lionel Messi is one the of the most charitable persons in the game. He runs a welfare organization named after himself. The foundation serves the disabled children for their health and education. He once offered to pay a child who was suffering from the same problem as he faced in his childhood. The kid wanted to be a professional footballer but had growth hormone deficiency. He could again pursue his dreams after Leo offered him the treatment. He became a goodwill ambassador of UNICEF in 2011.

Once a picture of an Afghani boy got viral who was wearing a plastic bag writing Messi on it’s back. Murtaza Ahmadi was the boy whose father couldn’t get him a Messi’s jersey. So he made him one with a plastic bag. Leo’s team instantly began the search and located the boy to be an Afghani. Leo then sent him a signed jersey and little donation for his father’s support. In 2015, Messi made a huge contribution to UNICEF.

Messi Charity work

11. Interest in Music:

Lionel’s favourite music genres are Cumbie and Samba.

Messi favourite music

12. First Argentine to be Player of the Year:

Lionel Messi is the first ever Argentine player who was named as the FIFA player of the year. At the time of Maradona, the award didn’t exist or else this record would be in his name. But for this time, Leo keeps this record.

Messi is the first Argentine to be Player of the Year

13. Foodie:

The skinny body of his might not tell you this but the fact is that he is a foodie. The thing is that he keeps himself trained to be fit for the games.

Leo Messi Meal

14. Italian Heritage:

Messi belongs to Italian heritage. His ancestors moved to Argentina and settled there. Hence Leo by birth is an Argentine international.

Italian heritage

15. Never calls himself the Best:

Despite being voted and claimed by most to be the greatest player of all time, Leo remains humble. He is a down to earth man and isn’t self-obsessed like others. Pele called himself the best ever, Maradona did that. Cristiano called himself the best in past 20 years. But Leo himself never stated that he is the best.

Leo Messi trophies

List of Top 15 Interesting Facts about Lionel Messi Which You don’t Know

  1. Growth Hormone Deficiency:
  2. Red card at International Debut
  3. Contract on Napkin
  4. His Celebration
  5. Could have won the World Cup
  6. His Spouse
  7. Terrible in Bed
  8. Records
  9. His Son Signed for Newell’s old boy Supporter Club
  10. Charity Work
  11. Interest in Music
  12. First Argentine to be Player of the Year
  13. Foodie
  14. Italian Heritage
  15. Never calls himself the Best

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