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Things that Could end Leo Messi Career at Barcelona

Leo Messi is a legend, there is no denying that. This summer, however, has not been that great. There have been defeats, retirements, convictions tears and….well a whole lot of partying in Ibiza. All of this excitement has caused much glee in the critic’s camp, who thinks Messi’s end is near. We Messi fans, however, know better. We know Messi will rise again better than ever. However, there are the things which could end Messi career at Barcelona and some realities that Messi fans must consider, and this article is about those realities. The reality is that Messi will hang up his boots one day. Here are possible reasons that may cause that to happen;

1- A Bad Transfer:

How many careers have we seen ruined by a bad transfer? One too many. Player has made moves for more money or glamour but instead found their careers on a downward trajectory. Whether it is Shevchenko’s move to Chelsea, or Torres’ Move to Chelsea (again?), or whether it is Song moving to Barca, these big transfers have always made football fans face the music. The truth is that careers end because of bad moves. For now, Messi is staying put with his childhood club Barca, but for how long? Nobody knows. Not to cause panic or anything, but rumors suggest Chelsea are courting Messi. Yes, Chelsea! The club also known as the graveyard of talent. Brace yourselves!

2- A Bad Injury:

Every time we see Messi thrashed by an over-aggressive Real Madrid defender during the El Clasico, we get angered and worried simultaneously. Our anger is because the man is a talisman for Barca, and our worry is because he is so small. His height and frame are unlike those of a quintessential football star. While defenders pump iron, Leo still looks like any other street footballer with a lean frame. So when we see him take a fall, we gasp for breath. Football is fickle, and you never know when the next fall may be the last!

Leo Messi Injury

3- Internal Conflict:

No great footballer ever went through his career without some internal strife. Clubs are made up of egos and personal interests. Power struggles are becoming more and more common and it seems like even stars like Messi are not above it. An example is the time when all was not well between Leo and Pep Guardiola. The two had a dynamic chemistry but there was a rough patch as well. Then there is the time of Luis Enrique where there was some trouble as well. You never know when a certain conflict may force Messi out of the club, especially when Messi reaches the twilight of his career and isn’t as indispensable as he once was.

4- Tax Fraud:

Yes, we know he didn’t do it. We also know that he has been convicted for the mistakes of someone else, and that our beloved Leo would never dodge the law, and even if he did, there is nothing wrong with it since every star does it. However, we should know that things could have been much worse. The prison sentence may have been much more firm and stern, and one that couldn’t be avoided in any way. That would surely have ended the Leo Messi career at Barcelona !

Messi Tax Fraud

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