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Life of Lionel Messi as a Child

Brief summary:

The third child of Jorge Messi, came out to be Lionel Messi, the shining star of Barcelona. He was born on 24th of June 1987 in the city of Argentina, Rosario. At that time his father worked as a manager at a steel factory and his mother Celia sides him by working in a workshop that manufactured magnets. His siblings are Maria Sol Messi (sister), Rodrigo and Matias (brothers). An insight in the life of Lionel Messi as a child will be discussed below.

Early life of Leo Messi:

There is no great man being successful in the world without having a life hacking past. It is estimated that about 80% of the entertainment in the football world is due to Leo, sounds like the world would have been gone down in the abyss of boredom without him. But looking at his life gives the lesson of a lot of struggle.

From the beginning, Leo attained an environment of passionate football lovers in his family. He was discovered with his remarkable characteristics. In reality, two of his cousins also became professional footballers like him, namely, Maximiliano and Emanuel Biancucchi.

When Messi was four he was coached by his father in a local club and was accompanied by his maternal grandmother. He loved her presence and was greatly affected by her death when he was ten.

Messi then joined Rosario club at the age of six where he recognized himself as “The Machine of 87” after scoring 500 goals.
Messi was leading the hopes of his family as he would come out to be an outstanding footballer but was threatened at the age of ten when diagnosed with GHD (Growth Hormone Deficiency). His father was unable to pay for his complete treatment. Messi looked upon for help from many clubs that he idolized but no one could offer him that help because of the country’s financial crises.
In September 2000, Messi managed to give a trial at Barcelona and was greatly appreciated by the directors. Due to his young age directors did not find it feasible to sign at the moment. Later in December, they issued an ultimatum for their commitment and allowed him to play. Unfortunately, he was not able to prove himself in the first year as he was having a transfer of conflicts with Ne wells and was not given major chances to play. Messi struggled and made his place in the team even without a football. His sufferings can be estimated by his silence, due to grief in his heart for his natural weakness, which he maintained in the team. Initially, his members assumed that he was mute.

As time passed Messi climbed the ladder of success. In 2002 he was enrolled to Royal Spanish Football Federation. After playing in much competition he finds some great friends. He then completed his GHD treatment at the age of 14, and then became a part of “Baby dream Team”. Fortunately, Messi emerged out as the top scorer there by scoring 36 goals in 30 games.

Before the Copa Catalunya’s final Messi was suffering from a broken Cheekbone so was recommended to use a plastic protector. Soon during the game, he took off the protector as it was hindering his way and scored a pair of goals in just 10 minutes before his substitution.

At the end of the season, he received an offer from Arsenal but decided to remain in Barcelona, despite moving of his friends Fàbregas and Piqué to England.

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