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The Lifestyle of Lionel Messi

Leo Messi is one of the best players in the world, and yet he is also one of the most humble players as well. Unlike his peers who sport crazy hairstyles and are often known for their loud-mouthed attitude to life, Leo has led a relatively low-key life. The lifestyle of Lionel Messi is often a topic for discussion. Let us learn a thing or two about Leo’s life off the pitch.

Marriage and Relationships

Leo is married to Antonella Roccuzzo. These two have known each other since they were little five-year-olds. The two group in the same area and thus had a bond since childhood. However, they only started dating later on in their lives. One thing that is very unique about Leo is how he is very private about his personal relationships. He kept his romance with Antonella a secret for almost a year. They have two boys named Thiago and Matteo.

Lionel Messi and Antonella Roccuzzo

Messi – A Family Business

While Leo maybe one of the biggest names in world football, even his business is very much a family affair. Leo’s success on the pitch has made him a very rich man, and all the fancy occupations that come with the life of a superstar footballer has to be managed. This is where his family comes in. Leo’s father is also his agent. His brother is acting as a PR manager for the Catalan forward. His mother takes care of his charity endeavors. In a way, the entire family revolves around Messi.

Leo is also a foodie. He loves trying out new dishes and considers himself quite the culinary expert. He is a regular patron of many eateries in Barcelona. Leo’s choice about food is just as versatile as his style of play.

Leo’s Love For His Family

Leo is also said to be a close family man, according to those close to him. There is an interesting story about how committed he is to spending time with his family. Once, he undertook a three hour journey just to eat with his family, and then returned immediately for the training session next day.

Cars and footballers go hand in hand. Leo is said to be a huge Maserati fan. He also owns an Audi, a Ferrari and even a Dodge Charger.

Lionel Messi's Audi

A Simple Personal Life

Perhaps the most curious thing about Leo is his simple (and at times, boring) personal life. Leo rarely ever attends any wild parties. He has been a faithful man for all these years. He also has a stable family and father of two young boys. All of this is very strange for a football star who are notorious for their debauched lifestyles.

Compare Leo with Ronaldo, and you will immediately see the difference. Ronaldo dated the hottest supermodel, and then (allegedly) cheated on her with an even more beautiful woman. The Portuguese is considered by many to be a flirt and an unfaithful husband.

However, it would be wrong to judge any of the players on the kind of choices they make off the pitch. Both Leo and Cristiano are among the greatest players of all time, and thus should be respected equally.

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