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Lionel Messi Announces his Retirement from International Football

The Argentine who is the greatest in the history books of football, Lionel Messi announces his retirement from international football. Leo took this tough decision after he lost the 3rd consecutive final with Argentina national team. This is indeed a dark day in the football history.

Lionel Messi Announces his retirement-2The reason for Leo to retire was not that he is not good enough to play and has gone old. The real reason for Leo to take such a decision was the people of Argentina and the criticism he used to face for not winning any trophy with the national team. Messi tried hard and eventually reached the final of 2014 world cup but couldn’t lift the trophy. Next year Argentina and Chile played Copa America final and Argentina lost on penalties. Leo was again left in tears. History repeated itself and Chilean national team and Argentina football team reached Copa America final once again and Chileans won the tournament again. Three consecutive defeats in finals, three consecutive heartbreaks for Messi, and 3 consecutive times when he faced criticism from his countrymen. Even footballing God couldn’t face that much stress and eventually called his day.

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Following Messi, his team-mates Javier Mascherano, Sergio Kun Aguero, Angel Di Maria, Gonzalo Higuain etc are also considering to retire. If it goes like this, there is a strong possibility that Argentina will not be able to make it to reach the knock-out stages of the World cup 2018. People are criticizing Messi that he couldn’t win the finals but the fact is that it was Leo because of whom Argentina reached 3 consecutive finals. Gonzalo Higuain is the player who has missed clear chance in each of the finals. If those would have been netted, Argentina would have won all the trophies.

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One of the biggest critics who has been degrading Messi is the Argentine legend Diego Maradona. Maradona has won the world cup with Argentina but hadn’t been anywhere near Messi when compared on an overall basis. But since he won a trophy with the country, he is the most loved person in Argentine football. Messi had been trying to win the world cup for his team but failing every time. But whatever be the case, his loyalty for Argentina couldn’t be questioned. Back in the time when he received an extraordinary offer from Spanish national team who wanted Messi to play for them, Messi rejected the offer although he could have won the world cup with them. He wanted to win with his country Argentina.

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The football world is in shock and Messi’s haters are celebrating. Haters also include Argentine people who have been treating Messi as a criminal. But his countrymen will realize their mistakes now as Messi won’t be playing for them anymore. It is sure that from now onwards Argentina football federation will struggle and would beg Messi to come back to the team. There have been rumors that Leo would be playing for Spain from now on. But this doesn’t seem a possibility given his loyalty. Moreover, football fans are in full support to Messi and believe that he will return stronger than ever.

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