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Lionel Messi Argentinas All Time Top Scorer

Next game between Argentina and Bolivia and Messi was subbed in later in the game. however, he could not score or assist during the game. In the quarter finals, Argentina played Venezuela and Messi again inspired a win. The first goal scored by Higuain with an out of the world long range assist from Messi. Higuain scored another. Soon after that Messi netted a goal by himself. Argentina’s 4th goal came from Eric Lamela who had Messi’s assist. Messi and crew advanced to the semi final and defeated USA 4-0 in which Messi came up with 1 spectacular free kick and 2 assists, one to Higuain and Lavezzi each. After scoring the goal Messi sets yet another record, he became the all-time scorer for Argentina with 55 goals, surpassing the mark of 55 previously held by Gabriel Batistuta. No matter how much some Argentines hate Messi, he is still dedicated towards his country and proves yet another time that he is the best ever.

Lionel Messi-Argentina’s all time top scorer-3

Now Argentina is in the final and their opposition is to be decided by the match between Chile and Colombia. So far Argentina is having an unbeaten streak in the tournament and has been destroying every team they are facing. If Chile qualifies, history could repeat itself but Messi and co seem confident and in superb form and a victory for Argentina in the final could be seen.

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