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Lionel Messi Best Performances in the Champions’ League

Leo Messi has been one of the most consistent players for Barcelona and he has performed at all levels of the competition, whether it is the Spanish league or the much-coveted champions’ league. Let us take a look at Lionel Messi Best performances in the champions league, the legendary striker in Europe.

1. Messi vs. Manchester United – 28th May, 2011:

Some say it was the day Messi came of age. Interestingly, it was the first time Leo scored on an English pitch, and boy was that a brilliant way to open the account. The occasion was the Champions’ League final, and two of the greatest clubs in football were playing – a true clash of the titans. More than his goal scoring abilities, what was especially lauded in this game was Leo’s ability to run at the defense and create space out of nowhere. Manchester United’s aging defense had no answer for him!

2. Messi vs. Arsenal – 6th Apr, 2010:

Leo had been really angling for a chance to play at the biggest stage in club football, and finally he had gotten his chance then. This was one of his most powerful performances at the top level. In one night, he shattered a number of records and truly emphasized his already established stature in the world of football. Arsenal barely got the lead and their fans were already chanting loudly and preparing for what was going to be an upset – IF IT HAPPENED! But it did not. Arsenal were not able to protect their lead. Far from it, they conceded four of the absolute best and the man behind all these goals was one: Leo Messi!


3. Messi vs. Bayern Munich – 6th May, 2015:

Messi was in trouble during this period. Prior to the game, Messi’s form had dipped and the season wasn’t going so well either. Added to that, Cristiano Ronaldo had beaten Messi to the Ballon D’Or. Messi was looking for redemption, and he found it against Bayern. The German club was a force to be reckoned with, almost just as powerful as Barcelona. Messi, however, cared none about that. He scored 2 great goals to guide his team to a comfortable victory, and some solace for himself as well.


4. Messi vs. Manchester United – Champions’ League Final 2009:

Messi’s short height had always made him the bear the brunt of criticism. Many skeptics said Messi will not be a complete player until he could prove his Aerial prowess. It was in fact true that Messi did not score as many goals from the header as Ronaldo did, and naturally in this case he was being compared to Ronaldo. However, in the game that was probably the most important game of the season, Messi silenced his critics by scoring the all-important goal in what is said to be one of the classiest headers in recent times. Skeptics again said that it was more of United’s lack of discipline that gave away the goal, but for us, seeing the header was enough of a treat.

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