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Lionel Messi Charged with Tax Evasion by Spanish Authorities

Lionel Messi Charged with Tax Evasion by Spanish Authorities: Leo Messi is a living legend and arguably the most popular athlete on the planet and with all the fame comes big money – sponsorship deals, hefty paychecks and performance bonuses all culminate in a huge net worth. However, with all that money comes the challenge of managing it all. While Messi maybe great at keeping defenders at bay, it seems like he may not be as good when it comes to keeping track of the finances. we will look at the infamous tax evasion saga that the Argentinian maestro has been involved in.

A few seasons ago, it was alleged that the Catalan forward had apparently been evading taxes up to the amount of 4 million euros. The news rocked the football world as it shook Messi’s clean image. While the trolls took to social media to malign the superstar, the fans continued to lend their support. As the case moved along in courts, another earth-shattering development occurred in 2015 when one of the courts passed the ruling that the case should try Messi and his father for the charges of tax evasion, against the lawyers’ wishes of having the charges dropped.

This news was particularly important because it meant that Messi would directly be in the line of fire, that the allegations would be fought out in court and that there is a very real chance that Messi might be looking at jail time if proven to be the culprit in the case.

While the case continues, let us take a look at some of the implications that it will have.

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Messi is currently lending his image to a number of corporations the world over, the most notable of which are Pepsi, Procter and Gamble, Adidas and DANONE. Now, with a lawsuit pending, the image that was once so valuable and protected, could take a hit. This may result in Messi’s income being reduced, or the deals may go off altogether if matters take a turn for the worse.

The Father-Son angle

A lot of legal experts are arguing that the best way for Messi to get out of this mess would be to blame it all on his father. Messi can simply argue that it is the Messi Sr. who takes care of the accounts and that the business finances are not his responsibility but his father’s. Naturally, Messi might object to that especially since no son would hang their father to save themselves, but then again, there are a lot of vested interests here and you never know where things might go next.

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Barcelona without Messi

If things do go to the extreme, and Messi does end up in jail, it would be a disaster for Barca. Apart from the hurt image, the team itself would not know where to turn. The Argentinian is a talisman for the club, someone upon whom everyone looks every time there is trouble. His absence could definitely result in dipped performance.

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