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Lionel Messi Girlfriend and Dating History

Lionel Messi is a disaster for his opponents on the pitch but seems shy as a person. He doesn’t seem to get involved in conflicts and fights very much. Off the pitch, he is very rarely seen discussing his personal life, which he doesn’t like to share. The Argentine star appears to be a decent guy who enjoys romance off the field. Not a ladies man type of a guy and not very good with looks and sex appeal, Lionel Messi girlfriend and dating history has been an exciting one although. Let’s have a look at the list of all the women he has been with, or rumored to be with.

Lionel Messi Girlfriend and Dating history

Macarena Lemos:

Macarena Lemos is an Argentine girl from Lionel Messi’s hometown Rosario. She disclosed that she was in a relationship with Messi when he was 18. Macarena was 14 at the time and met him for the first time in 2006 when Leo returned to Argentina to recover from an injury. Her father introduced her to Leo and both went along well. They came close and dated for 2 years after.

The girl claims that Leo used to treat him like a lady. Nothing more than kisses ever happened between the two. Macarena recalls a Sunday evening when she was followed by Lionel Messi’s mother in an electronic store. Mrs. Messi was following her with a frying pan and a mobile phone. She insulted her son’s girlfriend, and took her pictures. Macarena said that she was young and so never slept with Leo. Although she would like a chance to sleep with the best player in the world now.

Lionel Messi Girlfriend Macarena Lemos

Luciana Salazar:

Luciana is a 35 years old glamour model from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She was Argentine football team’s representative in the 2006 world cup in Germany. She is 6 years older than the Barcelona forward whom she was rumored to be dating. Although there has never been a confirmed report whether the 2 were in a relationship or it was just a gossip.

Lionel Messi Girlfriend Luciana Salazar

Antonella Roccuzzo:

Antonella and Leo have known each other since they were five. She was from his neighborhood. Leo was at his best friend’s house playing a video game when he first saw Anto. Antonella was the cousin of his friend who lived on the upper floor. Both were friend’s as kids and were parted when Leo moved to Barcelona. In 2008, Leo officially announced that he was in a relationship with Antonella. Despite being Catholics, the 2 remained unmarried and lived together. In 2012, their first son Thiago Messi came to life. Currently, he is 3 years of age and doesn’t seem to be very much interested in football. 3 years later Mateo Messi was born and the couple is living a happy life in Barcelona with 2 kids.

Antonella Roccuzzo and Lionel Messi - Lionel Messi Girlfriend Antonella Roccuzzo

Honorary Mention:

An Argentine model Xoana Gonzalez shared something about his brief meeting with Lionel Messi at a Peruvian TV. During the interview, she disclosed that she met with Messi at a party where she was called upon by him. Both had talks and went to an apartment where they spent the night together. She also revealed that Leo was terrible in bed, and it was like having sex with a dead body.

Lionel Messi Girlfriend Xoana Gonzalez

List of Lionel Messi Girlfriend

  1. Macarena Lemos

  2. Luciana Salazar

  3. Antonella Roccuzzo

  4. Xoana Gonzalez

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