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Lionel Messi Health and Fitness Tips

Being the best player in the world is not easy. It takes years of hard-work and determination to succeed. Messi follows these rules strictly. Many say that Ronaldo is the most hard-working. However, Messi can’t be discounted. In arguably, Messi is among the fittest players in the world today. What routines does Leo follow that make him so fit? Let’s find out Lionel Messi health and fitness tips.

The Diet

A proper diet is just as crucial to fitness as hours at the gym. Messi makes sure that whatever he eats affects the body in a positive way. His diet is a balanced one, but there is a special focus on regulating the intake of carbohydrates and sugar. The diet plan allows for a gradual build-up of carbohydrate in the body. This way, the body uses sugar in a better manner without building fat.

Apart from this, there is also the intake of 3 protein shakes every day. Water is essential, as it keeps the organs vitalized and running. One interesting item on Messi’s menu is the vegetable soup. The soup contains a considerable amount of ginger and turmeric. It eases blood flow and makes blood thin. The soup is a great addition to any athlete’s diet.

The Diet Plan of Lionel Messi

What Does He Eat Before the Match?

During the hours leading up to a match, Leo avoids consuming any wheat items, focusing instead on protein intake. The greatest focus during this time is on fruits as they are a great source of fiber.

For any attacker, being fast is of crucial importance, especially in the Spanish league. To ensure that he is the fastest man on the pitch, Messi does a lot of skipping and stretching. There are also multiple sets of short sprints with very small breaks in between. This builds not just speed but stamina as well. Lunges and skipping bring more deliberate force into Leo’s movement.

Agility and Speed

Leo also does a number of other exercises that assist him in building agility and quickness. Firstly, there is the W-run exercise. 5 cones are placed on the edges in the shape of a W. Then, multiple sprints are performed between the cones. Secondly, there is the dead-leg run. Both these drills help Leo build and maintain speed.

Acceleration wall drills are an important part of Leo’s workout. He does multiple sets of varying reps in each workout. The drill helps him improve his movement. Hurdle hop and split squats are often part of his workout as well.

Acceleration wall drills are an important part of Leo Messi’s workout

A whole variety of drills!

Drills such as pillar skips and lunges are performed in combination with sprints. Once the combination is performed, Leo runs for a particular distance and then rests. This combination builds endurance as well as agility in the movement.

For balance, Leo does a lunging exercises where he bends his knee with the core tensed. He then does a lunge with one leg while the arm is overhead. This drill is switched between either legs. Other variations of lunging exercises are also performed to develop balance.

For Leo, fitness is a mix of good diet and disciplined workout. Doing the right thing and doing it consistently is what makes him the world’s best player.

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