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Talking points following Lionel Messi Retirement

Lionel Messi announced his retirement after he failed to score the penalty in penalty shootout against Chile in Copa America 2016 final. Here is how the legend called his day. These are heartbreaking words that brought tears in the eyes of his fans. This is a big thing that happened in the football world and so there are talking points following Messi retirement.

1.  Following Messi his team-mates who have been part of Argentina football team along with Messi, such as Lavezzi, Angel Di Maria, Sergi Romero, Marcos Rojo, Ever Banega etc are also considering to retire from the international football. Javier Mascherano and Sergio Aguero have already confirmed their retirements. All these key Argentine players retiring will leave Argentina football team in misery and they might not even qualify for the World Cup 2018.

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2. Not taking a part in international football means he could solely concentrate on his Barcelona career. He can relax and have picnics in international brakes. This will help him release stress and his performance at Barcelona could be observed with positive changes.

3. The Argentines who hated Messi in the Argentine national team must be happy right now but will surely regret it when their team will be left helpless. The ungratefull Argentines have showed their hatred to Messi before when they attacked Messi’s family. An Spanish journalist of the same category gave the statement:

“Messi is Spanish and he must stay in Spain. Argentina doesn’t need him.”

This shows the low character of some of the Aregntine people from whom Messi plays his heart and soul but they are ungrateful.

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4. Although there are such people, there are also such Argentines who know the worth of Leo Messi and appreciate him. People in Argentina are standing in the streets holding the banners with a message for Messi to not to retire. This shows there are people in Argentina who love Messi and grateful to the God that Leo Messi belong to their country and plays for their team. Argentine fans will be pleased if he calls of his retirement.

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5. Diego Maradona has been one of the reasons that Messi is failing to win trophy on international level. Diego Maradona is sort of a God od football in Argentina and Messi seemed a threat to his thrown. Maradona has never left an opportunity to degrade Messi. Recently before Copa America, Maradona claimed that Messi lacked leadership qualities and stated that this time don’t come back without trophy. But surprisingly after Messi announced his retirement, Maradona has been seen boosting his moral. He said that Messi must not quit and should continue. This is a shocking change in Maradona.

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6. Diego Maradona and Leo Messi’s debate has always been a hot topic. When it comes to a trophy with Argentine national team, Diego Maradona has the edge. He has won a World Cup. But he is nowhere near Leo Messi on overall basis. Leo has far more goals for Argentina than Maradona, and his club career has been phenomenal so far. According to Argentine defender Zanetti:

“I do not understand the comparisons between the two. I think Diego was unique and Messi is doing unique things. What can you say about Messi? A guy who has won five Ballon d’ Ors, four Champions Leagues and has scored 97 goals in a year. Messi is an ambassador of Argentina, and I am also proud of him as an Argentine”,

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