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Lionel Messi Salary and Endorsements – Soccerslide

Lionel Messi Salary and the Endorsements. We all know how footballers earn exorbitant salaries and are basically millionaires earning more money in a week than most people dream of making in a year. Even among footballers, there are some who earn more than the rest and the main distinction depends upon the skill level of the player. Keeping this in mind, it is natural that Leo Messi would be right at the top when it comes to earnings as well. Let us take a look at how Messi has gathered his wealth over the years and what makes up his bank account.

Lionel Messi Salary and Endorsements

The Brands

Leo has a 7 year deal with the global brand that will earn him almost $140 million during this time period. This is only slightly lesser than what his rival Cristiano Ronaldo makes from his deal with Nike. Initially, Messi was a Nike man as well and was supposedly receiving a lucrative amount of money but then Adidas barged into the room and swooped the Argentinian prodigy off his feet.

Adidas has a launched a campaign along the lines of the Jordan campaign by introducing sportswear that come with the tagline ‘Backed by Messi’ – apparently a move that will lead to even greater earnings for Adidas and Messi himself.

Adidas is, however, not the only brand cashing in on Messi’s stardom. Other major brands like Gillette, Samsung and Gatorade also have Leo on their payroll and he can often be seen in their respective advertisements. Then, there is the Turkish airline endorsement deal, details of which are undisclosed but it is rumored that it is also earning Leo quite a handsome amount.

Lionel Messi Salary and Endorsements - Lionel Messi Deal with Addidas

The Ads

One of the remarkable differences between Advertising campaigns featuring Messi and those featuring Ronaldo is the way they portray each player. Whereas ads featuring Ronaldo are more somber, and portray the man as a titan, Messi’s ads show him like any other normal lad. Take, for example, his ads for Lays and Pepsi which had a light-hearted tone. Perhaps this is done keeping in mind the goodwill aura that Messi has with the fans.


Currently, Messi earns approximately GBP 15 million which is quite a huge amount. This amount is expected to rise exponentially as he recently signed a new deal with Barcelona. It is interesting to note that this huge Lionel Messi salary was not earned overnight. He started off in the youth team and earned barely 1500 euros per week. This amount increased to 25000 euros per week when Messi signed his first ever first-team deal. By 2007, this had increased to a 100,000 euros per week. In the space of a year, the salary rose to 162000 and he also got the number 10 shirt that was previously donned by Ronaldinho.

One year later, Lionel Messi salary had increased to a quarter million presumably as a reward for winning the champions’ league. This increase also propelled Messi to the status of the highest paid player in the world. There were a few more increments since then and by 2014, Messi was 400,000 euros per week after tax.

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