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Lionel Messi Stunning Hat-trick against Panama in Copa America

Lionel Messi Stunning Hat-trick against Panama – Silences critics and raises the nation’s hopes! It was a joyful night for Argentinian football and for Leo Messi fans in particular. The South American giants took on a relatively weaker team and many predicted it to be an easy ride for Argentina. The pundits were not wrong as Leo Messi pulled off one of his best performances in Copa America to guide his native side to victory. Lionel Messi Stunning hat-trick can be seen in this video.


Agitation as Messi doesn’t start!

While not included in the starting eleven, Leo’s presence on the bench was enough to keep the entire stadium on its feet, and as the match entered its last 30 minutes, there was increasing agitation among the fans as they grew tired of Argentina unable to break through Panama’s defense. Finally, much to the jubilation of the fans, Messi was brought on and boy did he turn the game around all by himself.

A botched clearance!

Panama defense had looked shaky throughout the match and finally they committed a fatal mistake in the 67th minute. A botched clearance by one of the panama defenders led to the ball being deflected and heading towards Messi, who made no mistake and finished it off clinically, bringing Argentina into the lead and breaking open the deadlock. It really was the simplest of chances – some might say that it was nothing special, but the truth is that it is an art to be at the right place at the right time, and Messi is a master of that art.

Lionel Messi Stunning Hat-trick-1

The perfect free-kick

In the 78th minute, Messi found the net again, and this time, it was an excellent manifestation of the prodigal footballing genius. Messi went for the goal from the free kick, and it had almost everything, pace, curve and placement! The goalkeeper had no chance even though he dove full length to stop it.

Lionel Messi Stunning Hat-trick against Panama in Copa America

Messi takes the ball home!

Finally, with less than 3 minutes to go, Leo scored another one and thus completed his brilliant hat trick. The pass was good, but the way Messi held his calm and composure and was able to chip it past the keeper despite being surrounded by three defenders was absolutely legendary. It was a trademark Messi performance and everything about it was magical.

The performance is truly one to remember for a long time to come. He played only 30 minutes but he had unbelievable impact on the game. Despite his late entry, he was quick to get full involved in the game and soon had defenders chasing him all over the place.

Lionel Messi Stunning Hat-trick-2

The Messi Effect

It is curious to notice that before Messi came on, Argentina had been attacking only half-heartedly and there was no urgency in the game play. Not just this, but there was no creativity either and it seemed as if Argentina were heading for a lackluster result, but Leo had other plans. His arrival caused problems for Panama, and it seemed as if the entire team was trying to mark him only. This naturally created space for other players and thus Argentina were able to score 5 goals in the last 30 minutes. Such is the effect of this legend!


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