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Lionel Messi Top 10 Free Kicks Ever

Lionel Messi, undisputed the greatest player ever, is not just a dribbler or goal scorer. He is a complete player in attacking sense. He is a set-piece expert and has scored numerous times directly from the free kick. During the course of his career, Lionel Messi top 10 free kicks has been chosen as his best.

10. FCB vs Atletico Madrid (2011/12):

Messi scored this mesmerizing free-kick against Atletico Madrid shooting with an impossible angle. There is nothing that Atletico Madrid goalkeeper Courtois could do.

9. FCB vs Real Madrid:

Once again Messi becomes the difference and makes the most out of the opportunity for his team. The score becomes 2-1 in favor of Barcelona as Messi scored the free-kick.

8. FCB vs Real Madrid:

Lionel Messi scored a free-kick goal against Madrid. In this match, Madrid was leading with 2 goals. Just before a halftime Barcelona won a free-kick and Messi capitalizes it.

7. FCB vs Almeria (2013/14):

Corona of Almeria fouled Messi outside the box which wins Messi a free-kick. He finds the top left corner of the goal and increases Barcelona’s lead by 2 goals to nil.

6. Argentina vs Nigeria(2014):

Another free-kick from a long way out against Nigeria during 2014 world cup. Once again Messi stunned the world.

5. FCB vs Atletico(2008):

Leo tricked the goalkeeper during this free-kick. As the keeper was busy in setting up the wall, Leo shot the ball and it ended up in goal.

4. FCB vs Deportivo (2015/16):

The season 2015/16 has been a personal best for Messi as he has scored most free-kicks for Barcelona in this season. Again a stunning free-kick from a distance of 25 meters.


3. FCB vs Espanyol (2015/16):

Messi rises to the occasion and gives Barcelona the lead over Espanyol with this stunning free-kick. He celebrated it hard as he had tense relation with Espanyol goalkeeper, Pau Lopez, as he previously stepped on Messi’s foot intentionally.

2. FCB vs Sevilla(2015/16):

The opening goal of the season 2015/16 was a free-kick against Sevilla in UEFA Super Cup fixture. Absolutely majestic stuff from Barcelona’s vice-captain to equalize the score.

1.Argentina vs Uruguay (2012):

Argentina played Uruguay in 2012 during which Leo scored a brilliant under the wall free-kick which increased Argentina’s lead by 3 goals to nil.

Lionel Messi Top 10 Free Kicks Ever

10. FCB vs Atletico Madrid (2011/12)

9. FCB vs Real Madrid

8. FCB vs Real Madrid

7. FCB vs Almeria (2013/14)

6. Argentina vs Nigeria(2014)

5. FCB vs Atletico(2008)

4. FCB vs Deportivo (2015/16)

3. FCB vs Espanyol (2015/16)

2. FCB vs Sevilla(2015/16)

1. Argentina vs Uruguay (2012)

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