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Lionel Messi Top 10 Goals with Argentina

The 29 years old Argentine forward, and Barcelona’s talisman Lionel Messi has although announced his retirement from the national side but he has left a legacy behind which is not easy for any future player to achieve. The only thing that is left in his international career is a trophy. He hasn’t been able to accomplish any major trophy with Argentina although he and his teammates advanced to 3 finals but lost all. His time at Argentina ended in tears but we have made a list of Lionel Messi top 10 goals with Argentina so that you could have a look at them and have a moment of joy.

10. Bosnia (2014):

A long range goal from the player of the competition of FIFA world cup 2014. Messi receives the ball in oppositions half, dribbles past one, does a beautiful one-two with Higuain, dances away from the defenders and same as usual, a spectacular goal from the edge of the box.

9. Brazil (2010):

The goal at number 9th of our countdown is Messi’s goal vs Brazil. The skipper receives the ball in the middle of the pitch, passes it to Lavezzi, gets it back from him, circles around the defenders and BOOM!

8. Paraguay (2012):

Argentina and Paraguay played a friendly match in 2012. Argentina won a free kick at around 30 yards from the goal. Messi, unexpectedly, went for the goal and scored this stunning long-range free kick.

7. Uruguay (2012):

Another free kick by the magic man Messi. He scored this under the wall free kick in 2012 during a friendly between Argentina and Uruguay. The goal gave Argentina a lead of 3 goals over the opponents.

6. Brazil (2005):

Messi won the U20 world cup with Argentina in 2005. He was the main man of the team and received the player of the tournament award. He scored a long range screamer against Brazil.

5. Guatemala (2013):

Messi can shoot even from more distance. The long range goal against Guatemala in 2013 is a proof of what Messi can do while he is surrounded by a number of defenders.

4. Mexico (2007):

How can’t someone accept that this guy is the best ever? This young Messi, sweetly striking a long-range chip against Mexico in Copa America 2007 increasing Argentina’s lead by 2 goals.

3. USA (2016):

The recent Copa America ended up with Messi retiring from international football, but something positive to be taken from the tournament is Messi’s wonderful performances and especially when he scored this almost impossible free kick against the USA on the far post.

2. Iran (2014):

The moment in 2014 world cup which broke the hearts of Iranian football fans was when Leo scored the 90th-minute goal against Iran and took Argentina to the next stage of the tournament. Iran was eliminated.

1. Brazil (2012):

Not only the best goal with Brazil, but one of the best goals Messi has scored in his entire career is the 3rd goal against Brazil in an epic encounter in 2012 which ended up with Argentina winning the game with a scoreline 4-3. This was Messi’s 1st goal that was nominated for Pukas award.

Lionel Messi Top 10 Goals with Argentina

10. Bosnia (2014)

9. Brazil (2010)

8. Paraguay (2012)

7. Uruguay (2012)

6. Brazil (2005)

5. Guatemala (2013)

4. Mexico (2007)

3. USA (2016)

2. Iran (2014)

1. Brazil (2012)

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