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Lionel Messi Top 10 Magisterial Goals From Outside the Box

World’s best player ever Lionel Messi not only could dribble and finish well but he shows incredible technique in netting the ball from outside the box. He has an amazing curve in his shots and what else he requires is a slight space to punish his opponent. Let’s have a look at Lionel Messi top 10 magisterial goals from outside the box.

10. FCB vs Osasuna (2008/09):

A counter attack goal from long range to give Barcelona lead over Osasuna. The accuracy and brilliance of this strike from 20 years old Messi is just eye catching. His give Barcelona 1 goal lead on the night.

9. FCB vs Getafe (2009/10):

During the match vs Getafe CF in 2010, Messi gave Barca the lead over opponents in the 6th minute of the game. It was a set-piece corner where Xavi passes the ball to Keita and Messi, waiting outside the box, receives the ball and gave a curving shot on the near post.

8. FCB vs Sevilla (2010/11):

Messi dribbles single handed from the half line and strike a shot on the right side of the post while sending goalkeeper to the other side. The fear among the defense is clearly seen as Messi starts dribbling and helplessness of the goalkeeper when he strikes the shot. This was one of the best goals of his in the season 2010/11.

7. FCB vs Almeria (2013/14):

Messi scores this beautiful goal in 2013 playing against Almeria. He receives the ball from Dani Alves on the right wing, avoids a tackle, does a wonderful one-two with Pedro and strikes a curved shot on the far post.

6. FCB vs Bayern Munich (2014/15):

That hot night will remain as a moment of enjoy for every cule who watched the game. Messi broke Bayern’s resistance on the 76th minute of the game by striking this brilliant shot against Manuel Neuer in the first leg of Barcelona vs Bayern in the semi final of UCL in 2015.

5. FCB vs Arsenal (2009/10):

The second leg of the quarter-final in UCL played between Barcelona and Arsenal at Camp Nou in 2010. The first leg ended up with a 2-2 draw. Arsenal was first one to strike. Messi rose to the occasion and scores this brilliant goal to bring Barcelona level on the night.

4. Argentina vs Iran (2014):

What a stunner this goal is. Millions of Iranian fans were left in tears as Messi scored this goal in the 90th minute to differentiate the 2 teams and Iran was stopped from progressing to the next stage of the world cup 2014.

3. Argentina vs Bosnia (2014):

Another long range goal from the player of the competition of FIFA world cup 2014. Messi receives the ball in oppositions half, dribbles past one, does a beautiful one-two with Higuain, dances from the defenders and same as usual, a spectacular goal from the edge of the box.

2. FCB vs Manchester United (2010/11):


This day in 2011 is regarded as the day when Messi became the best player ever, rising to the occasion every time when his team needs the most. Messi scored this goal from outside the box in Champions League final against Manchester United, after Pedro and Wayne Rooney who have already scored for their respective clubs.

1. Argentina vs Brazil (2012):

Brazil and Argentina were level in the game with a score 3-3. Messi scored this excellent solo goal from outside the box which completed Messi’s hat-trick and gave Argentina lead on the day.



Lionel Messi Top 10 Magisterial Goals from outside the Box

10. FCB vs Osasuna (2008/09)

9. FCB vs Getafe (2009/10)

8. FCB vs Sevilla (2010/11)

7. FCB vs Almeria (2013/14)

6. FCB vs Bayern Munich (2014/15)

5. FCB vs Arsenal (2009/10)

4. Argentina vs Iran (2014)

3. Argentina vs Bosnia (2014)

2. FCB vs Manchester United (2010/11)

1. Argentina vs Brazil (2012)

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