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Lionel Messi Top 10 Rules of Success – The Lionel Messi

The only player to win the FIFA Ballon d’Or 5 times is Lionel Messi, the best football player ever. He also has the record of “winning Ballon d’Or 4 times consecutively” on his name. Currently 29 years of age, Messi has won 2 trebles, 4 Champions League and 8 La Ligas with Barcelona. And will most probably end his career with the most number of team and personal trophies won by a player ever. Here is our take on Lionel Messi top 10 rules of success.

Lionel Messi's Top 10 Rules of Success - Love for the Game

1. Love for the Game:

The first rule of success by Lionel Messi is his love for the game. He has been enjoying the game since his childhood, and continues because he loves the ball on his feet. Achieving success is considered as an outcome of doing what you love. One can’t reach to the top if he/she doesn’t have the dedication to their job. During his interviews, Leo has claimed that he loves the game. Going down in the history as the greatest player ever doesn’t matter to him. What matters to him is playing because he loves to play football. He loves to play the game since he was a kid and will quite playing the day football is no more a joy for him.

Everyone wants a partner who look at them the way Leo Messi looks at the ball.

2. Go for More:

Even though Leo has won everything at the team and personal level with the club, he doesn’t stop. Being consistent and making efforts for such a long time is difficult and one needs the motivation to carry on. What motivates Messi is his desire for more. He wants to lift more trophies and achieve more success. At the start of the season, he aims to win every possible trophy. In an interview, he revealed that his ultimate aim is to finish his career with as many team trophies as he can.

3. Ignore the Bullies:

The 13-year-old Messi faced problems in his early time at La Masia. Due to his short height and weak body, he was bullied by other guys. Even the coach at the place was not favoring his stay at the club, and trying to get him out. He used to receive to kicks on the field, other kids don’t pass him the ball, play pranks on him. But he ignored of all of this, survived the tough time and successfully came out on the world. The same manager is still coaching the kids and he is ruling the world of football. Difficulties are the part of any journey. What you have to do is fight them back with courage, ignore the rest and continue towards your aim.

4. Judge Yourself:

Leo considers himself to be his own top critic. The road to success is by getting better and better day by day. Analyze yourself, know your mistakes, take the responsibility, and improve yourself. Accepting your mistake is the most important thing. Without realizing and analyzing your mistake, you can’t improve.

5. Focus on the Target:

Despite winning a number of trophies, Messi hasn’t stopped working hard. He is working hard day by day to get better even though he has the most number of Ballon d’Ors. Having won previously doesn’t make him put fewer efforts. He remains focused on winning more and targets to be better than last season. Being focused is a wonderful asset for anyone to achieve aims.

6. Do it your Way:

Leo once recalled a story from his days at La Masia. The same manager that used to bully him, used to criticize his style of play. He used to restrict Messi to play with one or two touches, and dribble less. It isn’t the way how Messi plays. Without having freedom on the pitch, his potential was not on the work as much as it supposed to. So he opted to go for his own way and ignore the instructions of the manager. Even though he used to get punish for his such actions, but his stand paid off. His own style was much more effective and has been an asset for Barcelona over the last decade.

7. Team is the Most Important:

One of the greatest traits for Lionel Messi is that he prioritizes the team over his personal glory. Over the course of his career, Messi has been seen playing unselfish plays, creating chances for others. He has always credited his team-mates for his Ballon d’Or wins. For him, team trophies and success are far better than personal success. For this reason, he craves for a World Cup with Argentina although he himself has won best player of the tournament in 2014 World Cup.

8. Grab Every Opportunity:

He believes in seizing each and every opportunity available. Not regarding anything as less important, Leo advises L Masia kids to grab every available opportunity. From education to football, every opportunity should be used to grow and groom. And in the end, be as professional and as possible with your career.

9. Aim High:

“Someone who aims to reach the clouds will never reach the sun”. This proverb is well suited in Leo’s life. A poor kid from Rosario, suffering from growth hormone deficiency aimed big and so achieved big. It’s Leo Messi whose father didn’t afford his treatment, but he never stopped dreaming big. He always objectified to be the best and win Ballon d’Or and here he is now!

10. Be Grateful:

In the end, the most important rule is to be grateful. Be grateful to God, be grateful that you got the opportunities, be grateful to your supporters. Not forgetting your past, and remembering where you came from is a quality of great souls.



List of Lionel Messi Top 10 Rules of Success
  1. Love for the Game
  2. Go for More
  3. Ignore the Bullies
  4. Judge Yourself
  5. Focus on the Target
  6. Do it your Way
  7. Team is the Most Important
  8. Grab Every Opportunity
  9. Aim High
  10. Be Grateful

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