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Lionel Messi Vs Real Madrid – The Arch rivals

Lionel Messi Vs Real Madrid. Is Messi really the biggest weapon in Barca’s Arsenal? Barcelona and Real Madrid have been a part of football’s fiercest rivalry. The two clubs have locked horns over decades but recently, the rivalry has become ever more intense. Both the clubs have been performing at the top level and it is often hard to say which club is better than the other. Of course, each club has its own talisman. Real Madrid have the supremely talented Cristiano Ronaldo while Barcelona have their prodigal genius Leo Messi. Here are some examples of how well Messi has performed against the arch-rivals.

1. El Classico on 10th March, 2007:

What is possibly one of the most important games in Leo’s career, the match was a tightly fought one. The two rivals were fighting it out and neither one was willing to make any mistake. Real Madrid was heaping up attack after attack and it seemed like Barca’s defense just had no answer. What Barca did have was Messi! The young striker was weaving his magic throughout the game and scored a brilliant hat trick to keep the score level.

2. El Classico on 23rd March 2014:

This match was truly a clash of the titans. Both Messi and Ronaldo seemed determined to carry their team to victory and both were giving their 100% best. The result? Some absolutely brilliant football that was a pleasure to watch. Both sides were willing to attack and that made this fixture one of the most riveting ones in recent times. In the end, Messi and his Catalan giants prevailed. Messi himself scored a brilliant hat trick that gave Barca the advantage and outweigh the 3 goals scored by Real Madrid. It was a truly close battle, and a very well-fought one at that. Critics say that Messi and consequently Barca were only able to win was because Madrid was playing with 10 men. Such excuses, of course, merit no response.

3. El Classico on 22nd march, 2015:

Another closely fought game, this match too ended in the favor of Barcelona. Some might say that Messi was relatively quiet in this game and thus it does not warrant a response, the truth is that Messi’s presence, his ability to envision game play and put his ideas to action while still making sure that the defenders are at the heal is something everyone must admire. All these things were in full display as Messi helped engineer a Barca victory.

This list is, by no means, comprehensive but rather just a way to give an idea. Stats also prove that Messi is a reliable weapon to use against Real Madrid. Messi has been part of 30 games against Real, and has scored a total of 21 goals and also created as many as 12 assists. At the La Liga level, Messi has scored far more goals against Real Madrid than Ronaldo, whose goal tally is slightly less impressive than the Argentinian.

Messi has time and again proven to us that he is a complete player. The way he handled the stress in one el Classico after another really goes to show the strength of his character.

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