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Manchester United Approached Barcelona for Messi

Barcelona’s golden man, Lionel Messi, has stayed at Barcelona since he began his footballing career and has pledged loyalty to the club every time he was approached by any other giant offering greater wages. Manchester United approached Barcelona for Messi signature this time. But Messi always rejected the offer and believed that no place is better than Barcelona, and it seems true as he has won 28 titles with the club including 8 La Ligas and 4 Champion League, a milestone not easy to achieve.

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Although everyone is aware of his loyalty, a number of European giants have approached for him including Real Madrid who tried 3 times to sign Leo. This time, Manchester United has tried 3 times in past 2 weeks to find any possibility of signing the Argentine international. Leo has been seen uncertain about his future as, after Neymar and Suarez carried Barcelona during Messi’s injury in late 2015, he may find himself surplus to requirements. Moreover, he may look to move away from Spain due to his troubles with Spanish tax authorities.

The former team of Messi’s rival Cristiano Ronaldo, Manchester United, have been struggling for past few seasons and has sacked Van Gal and signed Jose Mourinho in the verge of re-installing winning spirits in the Red Devils. With the arrival of former Chelsea manager, major changes are expected at Man United. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is close to signing for the club as he has good relations with Jose Mourinho as they were together at inter Milan. Few other strikers have been linked with the British giants such as Morata, Vardy. But if Messi agrees, he will be their first priority, for obvious reasons. Moreover, his arrival at Old Trafford will limit the emergence of young talents such as Adnan Januzaj, Marcos Rashford etc. The previous relations between Messi and, almost done signing of United, Zlatan, were not positive on the field when they used to play together at Barcelona. Zlatan was a striker and wanted freedom on the field, but was restricted as Messi enjoyed the main attacking role during Guardiola’s era. Considering all these reasons, it looks very unlikely that Messi will move to Old Trafford.

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As there are very fewer chances of Messi to sign for United, he could still make a move to any other place. The clubs that have chances to sign Messi includes the likes of Chelsea, PSG etc. The most likely places for Messi’s arrival are Manchester City and clubs from Argentina. As Guardiola is the new manager of Manchester City, Messi could consider a move to reunite the with his former coach to take over the football world by storm once by this best ever manager and player duo. If any of such move happens, it will be a big blow to Barcelona fans around the world and will be a great loss for the club itself as they have been dominated in the football from past decade and Messi has played an important part. Also, the transfer fees will be the highest ever and will be uncertain that any player will cost this much in near future.

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