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Top 5 Match Winning Goals by Lionel Messi

The most talented footballer of his generation, Lionel Messi has been playing for Barcelona since 2004 and creating history with his remarkable and extraordinary performances. The 5 times Ballon d’Or winner has been lethal and has risen to the occasion numerous times when his team needed him the most. Here are the top 5 match winning goals by Lionel Messi in his entire career.

1. Barcelona vs Manchester United (2011):

The most important goal by Messi that won Barcelona their 4th Champions League title and Lionel Messi’s 3rd. The score was level at 1-1 when Messi shot this screamer and gave Barcelona the lead. David Villa sealed the victory with a 3rd goal for the Catalans.

2. Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid (2015):

Barcelona won the Liga title in 2014/15 season. The title decider game was played at Vincente Calderon against Atletico Madrid. Messi scored this important goal to claim the title for the club.

3. Argentina vs Iran (2014):

The moment in 2014 world cup which broke the hearts of Iranian football fans was when Leo scored the 90th-minute goal against Iran and took Argentina to the next stage of the tournament. Iran was eliminated.

4. Argentina vs Brazil (2012):

The thrilling game played between Brazil and Argentina in 2012 ended up with a 4-3 win to Argentina. Messi scored a hat-trick. His third goal won the game for Argentina and it was indeed a special goal


5. Barcelona vs Bayern Munich (2015):

The Champions League clash between Barcelona and Bayern Munich had a lot of history behind as in Pep Guardiola returning to Camp Nou, Bayern humiliated Bayern 2 seasons back, Lionel Messi’s lose to Germans in last 3 world cups with Argentina, and Manuel Neuer’s challenging tweet to Messi. The game was an intense one and Manuel Neuer and Ter Stegen’s heroics kept the game to 0-0 till 76th. After that Messi scored a left footed shot from out of the box into the near post and gave Barcelona the lead which was crucial for the win,

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