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Memorable Moments of Lionel Messi from Barcelona’s Career

Leo Messi, the enigmatic Argentinian striker, has already cemented his stature as a legend at the Spanish club, Barcelona. There are few players in history who are deemed legendary while still in their football boots, but Leo Messi’s achievements have been such that they just had to give him that title. Let us take a walk down the memory lane and relive some of the memorable moments of Lionel Messi as a Barca player.

1. Real Vs Barca in March 2007:

Although every El Clasico is special, this one will always be remembered by the Barca fans even though it isn’t the greatest performance. The reason? It was the day Messi put himself on the map. Before the match, Messi was just another one of the many ‘talented’ players Barca had. It was in this game that the world realized what a maestro this tiny Argentinian actually is. Almost every Real defender was trying to stop Messi, but all of them, even Cannavaro seemed helpless.

2. Club World Cup in 2009:

Many don’t consider the tournament to be of any considerable importance, but the truth is that it is, at least on paper, the biggest honor a club could achieve. The match was tied until Messi (of course, who else?) scored the decisive winner after extra time.

3. Ballon D’Or 2009:

This was a magical moment because it was the first. Messi was officially the best player in the world, and that was not a title given by a tabloid or a sports journal, but by FIFA itself. Ronaldo came second (*slow cough*).

4. Champions League final in 2009:

For a long time, people criticized Messi for his lack of aerial ability. Every time Ronaldo scored a header, critics would begin to draw comparisons and automatically declare Leo the lesser of the two just because he couldn’t head the ball so well. However, this was the night the critics were shut up for good. Leo scored a brilliant header and won the champions’ league. It is certainly a night that will be remembered for a long time.

Leo Messi’s header goal can be see in this video.

5. El-Clasico in 2009:

It seems as if all of the memorable moments came from this year, but whatever. The game in question is the one where Real were defeated quite soundly by a score of 6-2. Messi scored twice and critics just couldn’t tell where Real went wrong. Messi was that good!

6. Arsenal in Champions League, 2010:

It is not every day a player scores two goals, and a hat-trick naturally gets one to the headlines. But what about four goals? Rare, even for a magician like Messi. This is exactly what happened back in 2010. Hailed by pundits as his best performance in Europe, Leo thumped four goals against Arsenal which was left dumbfounded by the superb ability of the pint-sized Argentinian.

7. Record breaker in 2015:

He scored a hat trick against Sevilla, but that is nothing special for a player like Messi. The real deal was the fact that he had broken a 60 year old record by reaching the milestone of 253 goals and thus beating Telmo’s record.

List of Memorable Moments of Lionel Messi from Barcelona’s Career

  1. Real Vs Barca in March 2007
  2. Club World Cup in 2009
  3. Ballon D’Or 2009
  4. Champions League final in 2009
  5. El-Clasico in 2009
  6. Arsenal in Champions League, 2010
  7. Record breaker in 2015

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