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Lionel Messi – One of the Most Charitable Star of the World

Football stars live lavish styles; their cars, mansions and parties make them the object of everyone’s envy. With an abundance of wealth, these players have the power to create a positive impact on many of those less fortunate. Leo Messi is one such star who believes in giving back to the Society. Lionel Messi – one of the Most Charitable Star of the World, not only this he is also a true genius on the pitch, and he is one of the most kind-hearted players to ever play the game.

If you remember, a little while ago, social media was taken by storm by an afghan toddler. What was so special about the child was that he was wearing a football jersey made of plastic bag. When the news caught Leo’s notice, He sent the boy a signed jersey and a ball. Of course, the haters would dismiss this as a one-off incident but the truth is that Messi has been a consistent philanthropist.

He has established Fundacion Leo Messi. It is a charity organization that focus on providing healthcare and education. The organization has performed many services to humanity by promoting education to the children in the developing world. Leo himself is deeply involved with the organization.

Lionel Messi donates his signed shirt to Afghan Boy

A True Patriot

Leo is deeply in love with his homeland, Argentina. He is a true patriot and it is not just his football performances that should be considered as a service to the nation but also all the charity work that he has been performing. He is involved in a variety of things, from rebuilding of hospitals to the establishment of football academies all over the country.

Messi and UNICEF

Most notably, Messi has been a UNICEF ambassador. Many leading philanthropists appreciate the work Leo has done for UN. They admit that he has been truly committed to the cause. Last year, he donated almost half a million dollars to the organization. He also said that it is always a pleasure to collaborate with the UNICEF.

The Argentinian prodigy has been making a great impact with his selfless work. It seems that he is really sensitive to all the developments around him. An example of this is how he donated almost a 100,000 dollars to Syrian children when he heard of their plight. It is reported that he was moved by the atrocities of war and wanted to do something about it.

Lionel Messi - One of the Most Charitable Star of the World

Controversial Donations

Of course, no good deed goes unpunished, or so it seems. Only recently, when Messi donated a pair of boots to an Egyptian charity, a storm of criticism was stirred up. According to reports, the donation was seen as a condescending move. It remains mind-boggling as to how such a thing would be classified as condescending. Some say that ‘shoes’ have a negative connotation in that society while others say that it hurt national pride.

Like almost any other aspect of his life, Messi’s philanthropy is also often compared with that of Ronaldo’s. What must be kept in mind is that both of them are great human beings, and one should respect acts of humanity and kindness no matter who performs them.

Lionel Messi Controversial Donations to Egyption Charity

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