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Is Messi Replaceable – Leo too Valuable for all the Money in the World!

Leo Messi has been in love with Barcelona, or so they say. He has been brought up through the ranks. He started at La Masia and today he is an indispensable member of the first team. The real question is, Is Messi Replaceable ? is Leo really too valuable for all the money in the world?

The board at Barcelona has repeatedly said that Leo is too valuable to be priced. In an era where every player has a price, Messi just couldn’t be valued. In a world where arab money was driving up the prices to an outrageous extent, Leo’s standing with Barca couldn’t be diminished.

Messi – A Dream for Other Clubs!

For a football fan, it is hard to imagine Leo in any shirt other than Barca. Sure, it is a wet dream of any City or Chelsea fan to see Messi play for their beloved club. However, it is a wet dream for a reason. Why? It is because no club is good enough for Leo. No amount of money could lure him away from his childhood club. Surely, at one point, his differences with club management sparked off some rumors, but that is all they turned out to be.

Lionel Messi – A dream for other clubs

99 Problems But Money isn’t One

For Messi, money is not the question. Influence in the dressing room is not the question either. For Leo, his legacy is what matters the most. It is this desire that has made him a living legend. This is precisely the reason why it will be hard to replace him.

No other player in the world could probably have the same unbelievable combination of passion and talent. For Barca, Leo is the complete package. He loves football, and he loves Barca. It is these two factors that make him irreplaceable.

Will There Ever be Someone Like Messi?

Secondly, there is the question of talent. Will there ever be a player as good as Messi? Unlikely! Leo has set the standard so high that not many will be able to match it. He has guided the club to great glory, and nothing can beat that.

If one does engage with the hypothetical and imagine that Leo leaves Barca, another question arises. The question is; who would replace him? Sure, Aguero is a clinical finisher but will he dribble like Messi? Ronaldo is a legend of almost the same caliber as Messi but would he move to Real’s rivals? Hazard may be the next big thing but would Barca be able to persuade them at a reasonable price? The truth is that there is no one quite like Leo. No one dribbles, finds spaces and runs at the ball like him. In a way, Barca’s modern philosophy is structured around Messi.  How can a club survive without their philosophy?

Players like Messi don’t come around often. No matter how much money you may have, this level of class is beyond the reach of any bank account. One day, when everything is said and done, we will look back at Leo’s golden era and kick ourselves. Why? Because we dared to think that Leo Messi could ever be replaced.

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