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Top 10 Goals Ever-Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo

Here is a list of Messi vs Ronaldo top 10 goals ever scored. Both Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have been the best of their generation. Some of their fans claim that these 2 are even better than Pele and Maradona. This is a never ending debate among the fans of these legends and we can never have a proper conclusion. But what we can do here is to compare the best goals of Lionel Messi and his fierce rival Cristiano Ronaldo. The two have scored some really special and mesmerizing goals during their career, which is far from over at the moment. Let’s have look at the list of Messi vs Ronaldo top 10 goals ever.

Messi vs Ronaldo Top 10 Goals Ever Scored (Battle)

10. Messi vs Arsenal (2010-11)

In 2011, Lionel Messi scored this amazing goal against Arsenal in UEFA Champions league round of 16. A perfectly timed pass from Andres Iniesta leads to the humiliation of Arsenal’s goalkeeper Almunia. And gives Barcelona a lead over the English side.

9. Messi vs Brazil (2012)

The goal that made Argentina victorious over their fierce rivals Brazil in an epic counter in 2012 which ended up 4-3 in the favor of Argentina. Messi’s solo goal from long range was also nominated for the Puskas award and is also considered as one of the best goals of Messi’s career.

8. Messi vs Bayern Munich (2014-15)

Lionel Messi’s goal on the 8th spot of the list of Messi vs Ronaldo top 10 goals ever is against the mighty Bayern Munich. How can any Bayern Munich fan forget the destruction Messi was for Bayern Munich in the Camp Nou when the 2 heavyweights came face to face in 2015 to play the first leg of UEFA Champions league 2014/15 semi-final?

7. Messi vs Valencia (2009-10)

The season when Lionel Messi rose to his very best. He scored this wonder goal against Valencia to make a difference for his team. This is the 7th goal on the list of Messi vs Ronaldo top 10 goals.

6. Messi vs Athletic Bilbao (2012-13)

2012, the year when Messi created a record by scoring 91 goals in a single year. He was out injured for a month. Messi returned and start the game on the bench. Upon his arrival, Barcelona were trailing against Athletic Bilbao. Messi scored this wonder goal by going past all and turned the tables.

5. Messi vs Zaragoza (2009-10)

Another fantastic solo goal from 2010. This was a tough game between Barcelona and Real Zaragoza. But Lionel Messi’s hat-trick was the key for Barcelona’s win on the night.

4. Lionel Messi vs Levante (2013-14)

The season 2013/14 was a bad one for Barcelona. But Lionel Messi still scored some surprising solo goals. This goal is an example of that. Messi scored this injury time goal by dribbling past 4 Levante players and beating the goalkeeper in the end.

3. Lionel Messi vs Athletic Bilbao (2014-15)

Barcelona secured the second trophy of the 2014/15 season by playing the Copa Del Rey final against Athletic Bilbao at the Camp Nou. He started from the halfway line and produced this moment of absolute brilliance. No defense in the world has any answer when Messi is in such a form.

2. Lionel Messi vs Real Madrid (2010-11)

The Argentine was the member of Barcelona’s 2011 Champions League triumph. His 2 goals against Real Madrid at the Bernabeu sent the Catalans to the final against Manchester United at Wembley. This goal made Real Madrid’s defense look like a Sunday league team’s defense.

1. Lionel Messi vs Getafe (2007-08)

This goal surely deserves to be featured in the list of Messi vs Ronaldo top 10 goals. This goal is called as the goal of the decade and he scored this at an age of only 19 years old. Viewers around the world were left scratching their heads.

Cristiano Ronaldo

10. Ronaldo vs Atletico Madrid (2011-12)

Although Cristiano Ronaldo has lost his charm as a free-kick taker since the past few seasons. He was once a deadly free-taker and scored a number of free-kicks that mesmerized the viewers around the globe. An example of his ability is this free-kick against Atletico Madrid which left Courtois helpless.

9. Ronaldo vs Marseille (2009-10)

Olympique Marseille is one of the biggest clubs in France. Have a look at how Cristiano Ronaldo completely ripped apart a great wall and the goalkeeper. This free-kick was scored by Cristiano Ronaldo in 2009-10 which was his first season in Spain. Scoring a wonder goal like this in his very first season shows his caliber.

8. Ronaldo vs FC Barcelona (2012-13)

This goal from the First el-Clasico of the season 2012-13 shows how a great player should play against his club’s arch-rival. Cristiano easily got past Gerard Pique through the back heel and won the 1-on-1 battle against the Spaniard Victor Valdez.

7. Ronaldo vs Ecuador (2012-13)

During a friendly game between Portugal and Ecuador in 2013, the great Cristiano Ronaldo rose to the occasion and equalized the score against the leading Ecuador. The goal clearly shows his ability to trick defenders and produce spectacular finishes in tight spaces.

6. Ronaldo vs Malaga (2011-12)

Although it took Cristiano Ronaldo 3 years to win the Spanish league, he was crucial in Real Madrid’s 2011-12. He scored some crucial goals and destroyed Barcelona in the second Clasico of the season which eventually ended Barcelona’s title hopes. On 22/10/2011, Real Madrid humiliated Malaga 4-0 and Cristiano scored this masterpiece backheel goal to complete a hat-trick. What a night it was Cristiano Ronaldo and the Los Blancos.

5. Cristiano Ronaldo vs Valencia (2013-14)

Ending days of the season 2013-14 were not pleasant as they lost the league to Atletico Madrid. But something to cherish from the La Liga campaign was Cristiano’s 92nd-minute equalizer against Valencia. A back-heel goal that will make your day.

4. Cristiano Ronaldo vs FC Porto (2009)

Cristiano Ronaldo was a part of Manchester United’s greatest ever side till 2009 when he eventually left to join the Spanish giants Real Madrid CF. No one with a basic knowledge of football will deny the fact that the Cristiano at Manchester United was much better, selfless, and much more involved in the build-up than he is at Real Madrid. He was as deadly as any other football player has ever been. Watch him score this goal against FC Porto from a long way out as if there was no goalkeeper guarding the back of the net.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo vs Borussia Dortmund (2012-13)

The year when Real Madrid was humiliated 4-0 at the Signal Iduna Park. The first leg at the Bernabeu was equalized by Cristiano Ronaldo. Have a look at the perfectly timed run by the Portuguese and the composed one touch finish.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo vs Galatasaray (2013-14)

One of the best goals Cristiano Ronaldo has ever scored. The goal is an absolute beauty, from dribbling past the defenders to finishing the move from the slightest space.


1. Cristiano Ronaldo vs Portsmouth (2007-08)

Watching this absolutely stunning free-kick, we could only wish that Ronaldo gets back his free-kick scoring ability so that we might get some more masterpieces like this to cherish his career once he says goodbye to the beautiful game.

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