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10 Most Beautiful Women Soccer Players | Female Soccer Players

Women are not behind men in playing football at the competitive level. They don’t only play football at a professional level and embrace a football pitch with their skills. But their attractiveness and beauty in a football gear compel men around the world to watch their opposite gender playing the game they love. Here is a list of top 10 most beautiful women soccer players. The list includes every female soccer players that deserve a rank, whether retired or active.

10 Most Beautiful Women Soccer Players | Female Soccer Players

1. Alex Morgan

The first place in the list goes to the American footballing sensation, Alex Morgan. Alex is one of the best female soccer players in the world. Alongside exciting the world with her beauty, Morgan has won a number of big honors and titles in her career. And she is only 27 years old and seems to have several more years to play the game on the professional level. She is an Olympic gold medalist which she won with her country in 2012 during London Olympics. Moreover, she also won women’s world cup in 2015 which was hosted by her home country. Her charming looks surely deserves the first place among the female soccer players in the world.

2. Christen Press

Christen Press is an American football player who was born 2 days before the new year in 1988 in the city of Los Angeles. The 27-year-old woman is an international team-mate of Alex Morgan. Together the 2 ladies have been quite decisive for the country. Press was part of both the USA teams that won the Olympic medal in 2012 and the world cup in 2015. She is a great striker and won the golden boot in 2012 while she played in Sweden with Tyreso FF.

3. Hope Solo

Another American addition in the list of most beautiful women soccer players in the world is Hope Solo. The 35 years old played her last games with the American football team at the Rio Olympics in the summers of 2016. But her contract has been terminated by American football federation due to some inside issues. She has won 2 Olympic golds and a world cup medal with the country. She is surely one of the greatest female goalkeepers to ever play the game.

4. Anouk Hoogendijk

It’s hard to believe that the Dutch professional football player Anouk Hoogendijk is 31 years old and going towards the end of her career. She is not just beautiful with looks, her creativity in the midfield and game reading ability in the defense in something worth watching. Her looks justify her 4th position among hottest female soccer players in the world.

5. Laure Boulleau

Another blonde woman in the list is Laure Boulleau. Laure is a French professional footballer and a key member of PSG’s starting XI. Although she is a versatile player, Laure has her expertise in the defensive areas of the pitch. She has a Copa De France trophy with the national team.

6. Ali Krieger

Ali Krieger, the 32 years old veteran lady is at the 6th spot of our list of top 10 most beautiful women soccer players. Just like Laure Boulleau, Ali is a defender by nature but has the versatility to play in other positions as well. She had a one-year spell in Germany with FFC Frankfurt and currently serves as a captain at Washington Spirit. She also shares the Olympic medal and World Cup along with her teammates Alex Morgan and Hope Solo.

7. Julia Simic

Landing on the 7th spot of the list of most beautiful women soccer players in the world is the German blonde young beauty, Julia Simic. She plays for the German national team and VFL Wolfsburg’s women team that won Bundesliga last season. She has also posed for Playboy magazine.

8. Sydney Leroux

Another teammate of Hope Solo, Alex Morgan, and Christen Press enters the list at the 8th spot among the hottest female soccer players. Sydney Leroux, the hot and appealing American star has been traveling around the country with consistency as she has played for a number of clubs in the United States. Along with country, Sydney has an Olympic gold and a world cup medal. She is also 26 and plans to play for a much longer now. A sigh of relief for the ones who follow the NWSL.

9. Melanie Leupolz

The second German in the list of hottest female soccer players in the world is Melanie Leupolz. Melanie is a young prospect in the German football. She is a regular starter of the heavyweight Bavarians Bayern Munich. Moreover, she secured a gold medal at the Rio Olympics 2016.

10. Louisa Cadamuro

Louisa Cadamuro is a retired French woman football player. She hung her boots at an early age of 29 although she was very good in attacking sense. She has a French-Algerian ancestry just like Zidane. Moreover, her creativity, vision, and abilities have a great resemblance with the Real Madrid manager Zidane Zidane when he was an active footballer. Hence, she was given the name “Female Zidane”.

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