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Neymar and Bruna Will Marry This Summer

After the news of Lionel Messi’s marriage in the summer of 2017 came out, Neymar is also set to settle down. The Brazilian superstar has not confirmed the news officially. But there are strong reports that Neymar Bruna marriage in summer 2017 alongside his team-mate Lionel Messi. As the duo is done here, Suarez is also set to do something about his relationship. Although he is married, Luis Suarez will renew his marriage woes. So this is how MSN marry together.

MSN marry together

MSN Marry Together

The lethal trio of Messi, Suarez, and Neymar has great chemistry on the field. They can undo any defense in the world with their co-ordination and skill. Apart from football, these 3 are great friends off the field as well. Messi’s girlfriend Antonella and Luis Suarez’s wife Sofia are good friends as well. Moreover, Thiago Messi and Benjamin Suarez study in the same school. The 3 up front are seen playing selfishly, setting each other up and sharing moments together. This bond is making this happen. Lionel Messi announced that he will marry Antonella in summer 2017. Soon after, the news of Neymar’s marriage has come out. Neymar will be marrying his girlfriend Bruna Marquezine in the same time period. Maybe on the same day, or maybe sometime near Messi’s wedding. Luis Suarez is already married, hence obviously can’t marry again. So he has decided to renew his marriage vows.

Neymar Bruna marriage in summer 2017

Neymar Bruna marriage in summer 2017

Neymar impregnated his girlfriend Carolina when he was 19 years old. The child came to life in 2011 but they were no more a couple. After hanging out with several women, Neymar finally started dating the Brazilian model and actress Bruna Marquezine. Neymar and Bruna made a gorgeous couple. She traveled with him to Barcelona when Neymar joined the Catalans. But there were rumors that the couple broke up for some time. And now they are together and finally getting married in 2017.

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