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Top 10 Solo Goals of Lionel Messi in his Entire Career

None in the world is unaware of the dribbling skills of Lionel Messi. He has an excellent combination of acceleration and body feints which makes him a nightmare for defenses. He also has mesmeric finishing skills that make him the king of solo goals. On various times, he has scored …

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5 Possible Destinations for Lionel Messi if He Leaves Barcelona

Leo Messi has always been at the center of speculation regarding his possible departure from Barca. A number of publications and journalists have, in the past, made bold claims of the Argentinian prodigy leaving Spain for some other club. Although no such rumors have materialized yet, fans do like to …

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Lionel Messi Won 30th Title of his Career

On Monday 23rd May 2016, Barcelona played Seville for the Copa Del Rey trophy at Atletico Madrid home ground Vicente Calderon Stadium in the Spanish capital Madrid. It was an ill-tempered game which made referee Carlos Del Cerro Grande to book 12 players and send off 3 players including 2 …

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