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Panama Leaks and Court Trial of Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is the greatest player of all time for FC BARCELONA. He always tried to make his club rule over the world in each and every contest. He has proven his mettle to FC BARCELONA in every season since he has joined the club. He is going great guns on his way to prove what he actually is. Panama leaks and court trial of Lionel Messi have disturbed his form a bit but couldn’t keep him from succeeding for long.

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A couple of Months ago 1st edition of Panama leaks was released, which brought down the many gigantic names which were the owners of offshore companies located in Panama. Champ of FC Barcelona, Lionel Messi’s name was also babbled in the 1st edition of Panama Leaks. Facing that much big controversy is not an easy task for anybody, our champ had not only faced this controversy but he flourished his game even better than before during this period.

Lionel Messi and his father, who serves his son as being an agent of him, are brought to stand trial on tax fraud allegations which has started from May 31. They have been blamed for plotting a trap on Spanish government for shielding his image rights of approximately $6.5 million in taxes in an offshore network, Messi has paid the previous taxes since his career was started but the allegations said he was the defaulter of years starting from 2007 till 2009. Messi rejected all of these blames and stated he never tried to deceive anyone.

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Mega Star Enterprises, the company owned by both of them at least as far back as 2013, is not shown to the Spanish government’s 2014 and 2015 citation against the pair. If the leaked records show Messi signed at least one document will completely reflect his ownership of Mega Star and could be punished for his lawless act, but that his father, Jorge Messi, took over exclusive ownership of the company in December 2015. The company remains active in Panama’s company register.

If the allegations will get proved against Messi and if he found guilty then he might get imprisonment of 2-years to 6-years, which is not a good news for Lionel Messi and his diehard fans too.

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During the session which was held on 2nd of June 4, 2016, Messi states that he didn’t know much about his money and wealth. He proclaimed that he has finance managers wealth caretakers, he didn’t care about the money he is always worried about playing football. During the session he looked tensed and depressed at times, looking down and trying to stretch his legs. The left foot which helps him to be dominant on the soccer fields kept bouncing impatiently underneath the chair and was continuously looking towards his table. While speaking for dew minutes, he said he never mistrust of any unlawful activity when his father would ask him to sign contracts or documents. He said he never knew that part of his wages were going through companies created in countries such as Uruguay, Switzerland, and Belize.

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Messi’s father made his testimony stronger by saying my son never knew what was going on there. He further proclaimed that he didn’t know the structures created in other countries to handle his income from image rights.

Messi faced two major blow because of the court trial, one was, he lost little bit trust by crowd some people were screaming outside the court “give the money back” and “go play in Panama”, these sentences are the true sports spirit and a sport lover always support his favorite in bad times, some of them were doing so by supporting him outside the court. Another blow was Messi missed beginning practice because of court trial which was held on Friday.

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