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Top 10 Countries with Most Passionate Fans of Lionel Messi

Leo Messi is considered by many to be a living legend. Naturally, with the ‘Legend’ status comes enormous popularity. It is quite an achievement for Messi that he is now a global star. His fans are in almost every country, no matter how backward or small. Here are top 10 countries with Most Passionate fans of Lionel Messi fans.

10: Russia

The country may not have a thriving football scene like the rest of Europe, its population is certainly crazy about Leo. Even though Leo is yet to visit the country, there are numerous fan clubs bearing the Argentinian’s name. Last year, Russian Ice Hockey star Alex Ovechkin met Leo. The social media in the former USSR went crazy as photos of the two were circulated all over the media.

Russia Football Fans

9: Mexico

The Mexicans may not like Team Argentina too much, but they sure do have great respect for the striker. Many fan clubs bearing Leo’s name have sprung up in the country’s social media. The fans are passionate about football and thus the respect for Leo. Also, remember the time a Mexican fan lunged at Leo out of passion? Yep, that is what we are talking about!

Mexico Football fans

8: Pakistan

Leo Messi is insanely popular in the South Asian country. Although Pakistan is ranked very low in Football, a lot of people follow football passionately. Messi’s shirt sales earn traders enormous profit. This may be due to the fact that the country has no major stars of its own. Also, many people support Barcelona and thus their love for the Argentinian.

Lionel Messi Fans from Pakistan

7: Scandinavia

Yes, it’s not a country but a region. However, they all have the same amount of love for Leo. Sweden especially has love for Leo because of the Zlatan connection. Leo and Zlatan played together at Barca. Naturally, the people there hold him in high regard.

Scandinavia Soccer Fans from Sweeden

6: Japan

The Far East nation is crazy about football. It has a thriving league culture and many stars. However, none of them are as big as Leo. The striker himself enjoys visiting the country. Many fans follow his games with the national team as well as Barcelona. With rising popularity for football, the love for Leo is only going to increase. Japan was also the place where the infamous spitting incident occurred. A number of River Plate fans spat at Leo while he was in Japan. The case still remains unclear to this day.

Lionel Messi fans from Japan

5: USA

Ah, of course! The greatest nation on earth (according to Americans) was bound to have a crush on Leo. Many would have thought that Cristiano may be more popular in the country. After all, he dated a super-model and is close friends with many Hollywood stars. However, football fans in the country know talent when they see it. Earlier this year, during a game between the two countries, a fan ran onto the pitch. Leo hugged the boy and encouraged him. He also protected the pitch-invader from the security that was looking to beat him up. By his gesture, Leo won the hearts of many fans in the country.

USA Soccer Fans

4: Germany

German fans are known to be the most tactically-aware players. It is no surprise that they are fans of Messi, a player of great technical skill. Even though the country has produced some great legends, its youngsters still root for the Argentinian out of respect.

Germany Soccer Fans

3: India

The home to a huge population is also home to millions of Messi fans. Like anywhere else in the world, the debate between Messi and Leo is present here as well. The popularity of La Liga has helped Leo as well. The country has a weak football team and no real stars. Thus it is easy for them to support Messi. Many second generation fans claim that their fathers supported Maradona and now the sons support Messi. Thus, the love for Argentina is hereditary.

Lionel Messi Fans from India

2: Spain

Not too long, it was the greatest national team on Earth. Despite this, it has a huge amount of Love for Leo. The Argentinian considers it his second home and not without reason. The Catalan region especially is full of Messi fans. After all, Barcelona is the club that brought up Messi. The beautiful relationship between the club and the player has helped him win numerous fans.

Leo Messi fans from Spain

1: Argentina

It goes without saying. Leo is the savior every football fan looks to. For Football Argentina, he is the ray of hope. He is the glimmer in the eyes of every football fan. Many would love it if he leads them to cup glory. If that is not possible, they will still remember him as the greatest player that their country ever produced.

Argentina Soccer Fans

 Top 10 Countries with Most Passionate Fans of Lionel Messi
  1. Argentina
  2. Spain
  3. India
  4. Germany
  5. USA
  6. Japan
  7. Scandinavia
  8. Pakistan
  9. Mexico
  10. Russia

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