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Ronaldo’s Euro Triumph Mounts Pressure on Messi

A few days ago, Cristiano Ronaldo won the Euro with his national side, Portugal. It was a jubilant moment of celebration for the Real Madrid star, whose passion was unmatched throughout the tournament and especially on fire during the final. As Ronaldo’s Euro Triumph Mounts Pressure on Messi, all eyes are on the Argentine and how he responds.

Ronaldo’s summer was in stark contrast to that of Messi’s. The Argentinian national team once again choked, losing out in the final of Copa America. Messi was in tears, undoubtedly feeling desolate and disappointed. This is not the first time Messi was left waiting for glory at the international stage. With each disappointment, Messi is the one being blamed by the fans, accusing him of a variety of things.

messi and ronaldo

Allegations and Disappointment:

This summer, the matters to a head when. Leo broke down and announced his retirement from international football. The news left many devastated, pundits began to argue how it was the fans’ and the football association’s fault. One of the greatest players of all time did not deserve to leave on such a note.

Lionel Messi Retirement

Is the Golden Ball out of the Question for Messi?

With the news of Ronaldo’s Euro triumph, the football world is naturally comparing the two maestros. Many are of the opinion that Ronaldo has excelled Messi on all levels. Thus, it is unlikely the Messi could win the Balon D’Or this year. This factor further mounts the pressure on Messi. He will naturally feel the heat from fans around the world. Messi will face a huge pressure to perform. While Ronaldo is perhaps in the twilight of his career, Leo still has quite a few years to go. It will be important for him to take advantage of this time and make his mark in as impactful a manner as possible.

The most difficult area for Messi will be the international stage. His national team looks towards him to be the talisman, just like Portugal looked towards Ronaldo. If Leo decides to return from retirement, he will face the challenge of taking his national team to greatness. The world cup is approaching, and this may well be last chance for Leo to leave his mark on national history.

Tax Troubles – A Summer of Discontent:

Messi’s troubles have been compounded with issues off the pitch. The tax evasion saga finally culminated in a prison sentence for Leo and his father. Leo will most likely avoid the jail time. However, the Argentinian striker will be effected by the scar of a criminal record. Fans around the world have been shocked as well. The die-hard have continued to stick by Messi, offering words of support and strength. Many others are looking to change camp.

This combination of issues will naturally leave Messi fans feeling a little agitated. They will look towards their favorite player to get out of this dark phase and rise again. Many are even hoping that Messi will come back stronger than ever from this set-back, and will lead his club and country to even greater glories.

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