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Man capture snaps of Real Madrid stars with his sniper rifle

A Spaniard named Santiago Sanchez Ramirez is sentenced to serve 9 years in jail after he claimed that he killed Cristiano Ronaldo. He also revealed the pictures of Real Madrid stars that he captured in 2014 using his sniper rifle.

This Spanish guy aims to highlight the lack of security in the country by conducting such mock attacks. In the past, he targeted the royal family members and government officers. But in 2014, he gave attention to the players and coach of Real Madrid and captured their snaps from his sniper rifle.

The Spanish media side “EL Confidential” reported that police arrested Ramirez. The police discovered a number of hard disks from him. All consisted of snaps of public figures and government personals.

The gunman also paid a visit to Santiago Bernabeu and waited outside the stadium in a van. He camped there and captured images of Real superstars such as Benzema, Cristiano Ronaldo, Perez, Carlo Ancelotti etc. His photographs featured on social media as well.

killed Cristiano Ronaldo

Ramirez claimed-“I killed Cristiano Ronaldo and other Real Madrid stars”

Ramirez contacted the security men near the stadium. He asked for the permission for taking snaps of players with a sniper. However, the security personals immediately contacted the police and reported the incident. They reported a suspicious armed man in a van outside the training complex. The police arrested him and took him to the high court. He emphasized that there are significant flaws in the security system of the country. Moreover, he stated that “I killed Cristiano Ronaldo and Florentino Perez.” He added, “Fans and players are not safe here due to major security flaws.”

His good intentions took him behind the bars. The high court labeled Ramirez as guilty to keep unlicensed arms. He was sentenced to serve 9 years in the jail for his actions. Although he is behind the bars, but his act will surely make Spanish government reform their security system.

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