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Promising Youngsters we would Like to Watch Messi Play with

The world today is fast-moving. Football is no different, especially during the summer when the clubs are busy finalizing their transfers and looking for new players to sign. Scouts are busy spending hours watching games in remote countries all over the globe hunting for talent. We are halfway into summer and already many young players are showing great promise. However, not every player is destined for the greatness a club like Barcelona bestows upon you. In this article, we take a look at some of the most promising youngsters we’d like to watch Messi play with.

1. Davor Lovren:

The young Croatian has already had a massive impact on the under-17 side that he plays for. His ability to cut through the defense and his preference for direct attacks is very much admired by the scouts and is a style that is quite complementary to Leo’s style of play.

Davor Lovren - Promising Youngsters

2. Matheus Pereira:

The Brazilian has an unbelievable amount of flair and it earned him the title of the Player of The Tournament at the under-17 tournament in Spain. Pundits think he can rise up to become the quintessential Brazilian attacking midfielder that Europe loves so much.

Matheus Pereira - Promising youngster

3. Max Meyer:

The German is already being touted as the next Ballack. He was the Golden Player at Under-17 European Championship in 2012. His ability to run at the defense makes him an ideal fit for Barca.

Max Meyer - Promising youngster

4. Keita Balde:

He currently plays for Lazio but is originally a product of Barcelona. Although he has left the club, we feel he deserves another chance, especially since he has shown the ability to get goals from either wing.

Keita Balde - Promising youngster

5. Gabriel Barbosa:

The explosive Brazilian striker is a massive hit amongst the Santos fans, and his left-foot is hailed as an asset for the future.

Gabriel Barbosa - Promising youngster

6. Ivan Saponjic:

The lanky Serbian is almost a tailor-made striker for Barca. His attacking skill is not just a blunt instrument that adds pressure on defenses without actually scoring, rather his ability to foresee runs actually bears fruit almost every time. Barca will have to quickly move in on him or other clubs from Premier League might take advantage.

Ivan Saponjic - Promising youngster

7. Dominic Solanke:

His style is quite similar to Messi’s, but his ability to play in the midfield and act as a link between the midfielders and the strikers is what makes him truly valuable. Chelsea have currently loaned him to Vitesse, and any interest shown by Barca would immediately shoot up his transfer value.

Dominic Solanke - Promising youngster

8. Federico Bonazzoli:

The Italian Centre-forward is a destructive force if supported by an intelligent defense. His age may not be ripe yet, but a mentor like Messi would work wonders for this young lad who has all the makings of a legendary striker. He currently plays for Sampdoria.

Federico Bonazzoli - Promising youngster

9. Sebastian Driussi:

Messi’s compatriot plays for River Plate. He often plays in the role of a support-striker, which is well-suited to his intelligence and ability to provide enormous amounts of work-rate.

Sebastian Driussi - Promising youngster

List of Promising Youngsters we would Like to Watch Messi Play with

  1. Davor Lovren
  2. Matheus Pereira
  3. Max Meyer
  4. Keita Balde
  5. Gabriel Barbosa
  6. Ivan Saponjic
  7. Dominic Solanke
  8. Federico Bonazzoli
  9. Sebastian Driussi

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