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Real Madrid’s Transfer Ban Reduced to 1 Transfer Window

Earlier this year, FIFA imposed a transfer ban on Real Madrid CF. Along with Atletico Madrid, the 2 Madrid-based teams were not allowed to make new signing for the next 2 transfer windows. This included the Summer 2016 and January 2017 window. Real Madrid filed an appeal against the ban. As a result, Real Madrid transfer ban reduced to one transfer window.

Real Madrid transfer ban reduced

Real Madrid Transfer Ban Reduced After the Club Appealed

In the start of 2016, Real Madrid registered under age players with their club. FIFA authority imposed a ban on the club from transfer window. They were not allowed to register a new player for the next 2 transfer windows. In an interesting turn of events, Real Madrid signed Alvaro Morata in summer 2016 window. Real Madrid filed an appeal regarding this action of FIFA. As a result, the transfer ban was reduced to one.

What does this mean?

Real Madrid’s appeal resulted in a reduced punishment for them. They will not be able to sign new players in January 2017 transfer window only. From the next summer transfer window, they can re-start their purchasing activities. On the contrary, this ban lift is only for Real Madrid. And the other club Atletico Madrid will undergo the same 2 transfer window punishment.

James ad Isco

James Rodriguez and Isco in search for a new club

Moreover, the Real Madrid star James Rodriguez is planning to leave the Spanish capital. This ban might be a hurdle for his way out. Zinedine Zidane may try to keep him in the squad to have a good squad depth. Apart from the Colombian, the Spaniard Isco is also planning to make a move. Both the midfielders are struggling to get playing minutes under the French manager.

Hypocrisy or not?

Back in 2014, FC Barcelona faced the same transfer ban. The Catalans were not allowed to register new players for 2 consecutive transfer windows. This ban caused Blaugranas plenty of problems as they missed the squad depth after Xavi Hernandez and Pedro Rodriguez left the club. All of their appeals in this matter were reject. This gives rise to the question that whether this reduction in Real Madrid’s transfer ban is a fair decision or a favor to the Los Blancos side?

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