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Who do the Legends Consider to be Better–Ronaldo or Messi?

Legends’ Pick: Who do the legends consider to be better – Ronaldo or Messi? While the fans have had their fair share of conflicts, tussles and arguments about who is better of the two, Ronaldo or Messi? the legends are not that far off when it comes to discussing which player is the greatest of the modern era. Let us take a look at what some of the greatest players have had to say about the comparisons between Ronaldo and Messi.

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The Argentinian legend offered his two cents on the issue and actually argued that the two players are on the same level and that Ronaldo and Messi are great in their own unique way. However, he was also quick to add that for some reason, ‘goalkeepers are more afraid of Ronaldo’. Explaining his statement, Maradona said that Ronaldo’s aggression and brute force in his shots is what makes defenders and goalkeepers quiver. It is for this reason that they are afraid of allowing Ronaldo any space whatsoever. In case of Messi, such a fear just doesn’t exist.



Considered by many to be the greatest player ever, Pele’s wisdom just cannot be ignored, even in modern football. So when the Brazilian was asked about his opinion, he ruffled quite a few feathers by saying that he considers Cristiano to be the better of the two. Not just this, but he also said that a lack of competition between players is really hurting the game.

Ronaldo or Messi - Pele

Sir Bobby Charlton:

The United legend’s opinion doesn’t defer much from the two legends prior in this list. While there might be some bias because of Ronaldo’s United connection, Sir Bobby is not one to make a baseless claim.

Ronaldo or Messi - Sir Bobby Charlton

Johan Cruyff:

The Barcelona legend was not one to hold back his words when he was asked to give his opinion on the competition between the two for the title of the greatest player of our times. His opinion was actually quite clear: Messi is better than Ronaldo. While some may tend to dismiss his opinion for the reason that he may have been biased, being a Catalan legend himself, the reasons that he gave actually make a lot of sense. Cruyff believed that Messi is a more complete player, someone who can create a team and hold it together. Ronaldo may be a great shooter but can he be as versatile as Messi?

Ronaldo or Messi - Johan Cruyff


The German believes Messi to have ‘god-like’ qualities. Beckenbauer was greatly impressed by the way Messi has performed consistently over the years and his ability to produce match-winning performances day after day is what makes him stand out.

Ronaldo or Messi - Beckenbauer


While many would have been overcome by bias and nominated their own countryman for greatness, Eusebio chose that path that his conscience ordained him to follow. When asked about who he considers to better of the two, the Portuguese legend chose Messi over his compatriot Ronaldo. Asked about Ronaldo, Eusebio said that (at the time) there is no one who could match the argentine’s performance.

Ronaldo or Messi - Eusebio

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