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The Similarities Between Messi and Ronaldo

The competition between Messi and Ronaldo fans is arguably the most intense rivalry in the football history. While on the pitch, both players treat each other with professional respect and courtesy, their respective sets of fans are somehow always at loggerheads. Each set of fan tries to prove that one is better than the other. While the differences between these players may be highlighted a lot to show one’s supremacy over others, the truth is that there are a number of similarities between Messi and Ronaldo as well. In this article, we will take a look at these similarities, and hopefully try to solve a problem that is a threat to world peace (just joking!).

Messi and Ronaldo

Faltering at the international stage

Both Messi and Ronaldo have been criticized for being unable to reproduce their club-level performances at the international stage, Messi more than Ronaldo. Although Ronaldo has been a key player in the Portuguese side, it seems that his national side fans are over-reliant on him. Portuguese fans see him as the talisman who will bring them world cup glory. While it is true that Ronaldo is indeed a great player, it will be unfair to think that he and he alone could win the world cup. Messi’s situation is no different. It seems as if the two are always under immense pressure to perform for their national sides and when they don’t, they get criticized for being prima donnas.


It is no secret that both titans of the game love to dribble. While there are some differences in the way they do it, that doesn’t really mean one is better than the other. While Messi’s dribbling skill is a product of his superhuman ball control, Ronaldo’s physicality and aggression makes his movement with the ball more deliberate.

Ability to play in many positions

Both the players are unbelievably versatile. Their managers and teammates put a lot of faith in them and they do not disappoint, whether it is with their performances or with their ability to play in different position thus allowing the manager’s tactics to be implemented correctly. During Mourinho’s time, we saw Ronaldo play as a winger as well as a center forward and a lone striker. He was quick to grasp the tactics and did not disappoint his manager once. Similarly, Messi often used to play out of position, either out of tactical needs or in order to accommodate his teammates. It is their ability to adapt to situations which makes the two players stands out.

Prolific goal-scoring

Both Ronaldo and Messi are known for getting their name on the score sheet as often as their teams play. It is an odd day when the two stars do not find the net. Both the players do have different styles when it comes to goal scoring. Messi is the more calculated and clinical one while Ronaldo is more aggressive and straight-shooting. No matter what the style, however, both the stars are often competing for the Pichichi and the Golden Ball.

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